Having a Loved one or Family member with dementia

Not all dementia patients or loved ones are the pleasantly confused grandma’s that confuse their children’s name. Sometimes dementia can be more dramatic.

There are times when dementia can be shown as anger. I liken it to the toddler stage. Toddlers have tantrums because there is so much out of their control. They lack yet to learn how to express all their wants and needs. I’m dementia there is frustration because the person no longer remembers what words or descriptions to use to describe their wants and needs.

This can cause frustration and anger. The anger can act as almost a cover for the dementia. Some people may blow the anger off as that’s just how loved one is now.

The truth may be more invidious. If you think you or a loved one may be suffering from dementia talk to a primary care physician, psychiatry professional, or advanced practitioner!

Understanding the underlying cause can help with coping.

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