Life updates-

Hello readers!

2020 has brought a lot of changes. The biggest one this year is that one of my Christmas presents from my partner was an engagement ring. So I’m getting married!

I don’t know when or how. I don’t even know how COVID will impact my plans but I will figure it out on this journey!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays no matter what you celebrate my lovely readers!

I am currently on my last day of work before a four day weekend. I still have presents to wrap, dinner to cook, and holiday movies to watch.

I hope to watch The Year Without a Santa Clause today. The claymation Christmas movies are some of my favorites!

Goals for 2021

1. Get makeup recommendations- I would love a great foundation for my pale pink skin with cool undertones. It’s harder to find than you think. It may seem selfish or petty but I need some self care and I’ve been wanting to do this for a few years now

2. Get a facial- daily masks working at a hospital especially when you can only get a new mask every so many shifts is killing my skin. The breakouts have been bad and the winter has dried out my skin. My face needs some care

3. Get a massage- my muscles are tired from the stress and I just need to relax.

4. Watch the Spanish princess- I am super interested in Tudor England and would love to see this show. Also I enjoy Philippa Gregory’s writings on which the tv show is based.

5. Read more books

6. Find a better work life balance

Celebrating the winter holidays with fur children

My partner and I are prepping for the holiday season. As part of that I buy small things for the fur children.

I bought a pound of specialty hay with dried sweet potato and I’m picking up all their favorite veggies from the market.

For the cats I have picked up some beef cat food and tuna treats.

Lastly for gumball I have some dried meal worms and sunflower seeds, those are her favorites, for Christmas.

It may seem odd but we get special food, candies, and presents, so why can’t the little ones share with us?

Wishing happy holidays to you and yours no matter what you celebrate!

Ace spectrum

Spoilers for the later seasons of Big Bang theory ahead-

My partner and I have been binge watching all the seasons of Big Bang Theory as one of our couple activities. Recently the dynamic of Amy and Sheldons relationship has changed, I went to Google to read articles on it, because I’m a nerd. I read that many fans were disappointed they took the one Asexual couple and gave them a physical relationship. I have a different perspective.

What if both Sheldon and Amy are on the asexual spectrum but not fully asexual or sex repulsed. What if they are demisexual? As their relationship has developed and they have learned to love and trust their sexuality has bloomed. This makes sense to me canonically. Demisexuality/asexuality comes on a spectrum. Sheldon and Amy have been on a journey from their first meeting, meeting the parents, dates, and growing as people and a couple they have done things at their own pace. Why wouldn’t they grow into other aspects of relationships as well?


In case you could not tell life has been a tad stressful. Along with myself being sick, one of the guinea pigs my partner and I rescued is suffering from cysts just like Rosie was. Also our special needs guinea pig Iris is suffering from an upper respiratory infection. I have spent more evenings at the vet than I have anywhere else lately.

For self-care I am taking care of myself mentally and physically. I am continuing to see my new therapist, she has been very supportive. I went and got my hair cut for the first time in over two years. I went to the dentist for a cleaning for the first time in two years and I am following up to get a cavity filled.

I have scheduled for an eye appointment and I am hoping to take the leap to get contacts finally.

Other upcoming appointments include the dermatologist for my eczema and the mole on my nose and a doctor to discuss my IBS. I hope to continue this in the coming months.


It has been a long few weeks of illness, fights with family, attempting self care, and figuring out what the future looks like. I do not think my future lies with my current place of employment. I am months from being able to sit for my terminal license.

I am currently in the search of new employment. I can no longer handle workplace toxicity. I was okay with working overtime, I was accepting of the low pay rates temporarily, I am even okay with crumby health care, but being punished for being sick is not something I can tolerate.

I was ill over the weekend with a terrible stomach flu. I landed in the ER for fluids due to dehydration and pain medication for my stomach. I was sent home from the emergency room with a few prescriptions to hold me over until my primary care office opened up on Monday. My fever spiked to 103, I called the on call doctor at my office with no response. I made it through the night at had to use Sunday to rest and call out from work. Resting did not happen though. I ended up receiving a warning that I am out from work too often. This sent me into a bit of a breakdown.

To be fair I have had three illnesses with fevers since COVID started which according to work standards I cannot return until I am on the mend and/or have a COVID test completed that results as a negative. I also had to take a day off for my bank account being hacked. This has happened twice since COVID started but I only took off during the second incidence since this left me without rent money days before it was due.

I am not happy with myself for being this sick, but the amount of stress my mind and body is under as a front line worker in a pandemic makes itself known in the most inconvenient of ways. This includes illness during times of stress, sinus infections, ear infections, the flu, stomach flu, and other ailments tend to hit me when I am most stressed. It was much worse during midterms and finals in college. I was in the hospital every semester at least once. in grad school I sick several times as well.

I have learned to manage my family stress through low contact, and I do not have the pressure of academics any longer.

In the coming weeks I will be blogging about my job search, applying for FMLA, self care, and the holidays.