A Rosie Update

Rosie is a little fighter! She went back to the vet last night and was diagnosed with infected stitches. The vet believes it is from how close the stitches are to the cage floor. So those were removed and she is now undergoing nightly peroxide cleansing. She also is receiving a new stronger antibiotic. Let’s hope this works!

Massive Update

Hello readers, sorry for the long break life has been very difficult so I will catch you up. 

First I have written this post several times now and my computer keeps deleting it so here we go take 999. Buckle up, it’s a long one. 


An update on the fur babies- 

Rosie the Guinea pig has been to vet weekly. She has had two surgeries, over four courses of antibiotics, almost died from dehydration, was rehydrated and put the weight she lost back on, lost the weight again, and has been through the ringer this past month and a half. She has had 5 cysts/abscesses. She has had drains and we have done wound care for her. She has been in isolation except for two days during this whole treatment process, unfortunately. She was doing alot better. We got the all clear that she was healthy and doing well enough to go back with the herd, two days later she grew another lump. After she was separated again we noticed she stopped drinking and she is only eating veggies. We have been syringe feeding her and doing the best we can will phone advice from the vet until her appointment this week Honestly, I am not sure she is going to pull through this time around.

Other news from the herd- 

Whiskey the guinea pig passed away over Labor day weekend. I was home from work that Friday and noticed she was not doing well. My partner called first thing the next morning and we took her in for an emergency visit. It turned out she had an out of the blue infection the vet had no idea where it was from, her lungs were full of fluid, she was in pain and going septic. We made the difficult choice to have her humanely euthanized. We then buried her and on our way home my partner’s car broke down and stranded us on the side of a major highway for three hours. I had a complete melt down and we spent the next week without a car living off take out because of our grief. 

New additions, two weekends ago now my partner and I decided we had room for another guinea pig after the loss of Whiskey. We found a facebook post for two long haired guinea pigs who the family needed to rehome due to a family allergy. We masked up and showed up for these two little ones. Their condition was not as good as I hoped. They were bathed weekly if not more often, guinea pigs should be bathed quarterly at most, their hair was not cut regularly, and they were washed in perfumed shampoo and likely sprayed with perfume. It was so bad we kept all four windows open on the drive home even though it was cold out. We got them home and straight into a tub to wash off the smell to protect their respiratory system from inflammation and me from having an asthma attack. After closer inspection the little ones are underweight and very skittish. 

We have renamed them Elvira and Bellatrix. Elvira is an all black guinea pig and Bella is black and white. 

Other fur babies- 

Gumball the hammy has started having cage aggression. This means they are very territorial in their cage and will bite the hand in their tank. However, they are still super sweet once you can scoop them out. So after some patience and research we are still giving her love just no head pats while she is in her cage. 

Gremlin is also set up for his yearly physical and vaccines in December, everything is a bit behind this year because of COVID-19 and our vet being so swamped. 

Severus has decided he is the happiest kitty in the world as it is now fall weather which means he can hide under the blankets with meow-my. 

Work updates- Work continues to be difficult at best, and infuriating at its worst. I love working on the psychiatry unit at my job, but the workload is intense. I have not been home at a decent hour since my training for the new unit ended. My job had an employee review of sorts where the employees were asked what would make them stay or leave the job. Many of the workers cited money as an issue. The knee jerk response from the higher ups was that we as a department are lucky to have jobs due to the pandemic and they even let us have our yearly 2 percent raise so we should not complain. After several weeks consideration the supervisors came back with the idea to do a market analysis and raise our salary accordingly.

Home life- It has been increasingly difficult, I have been suffering from a sinus infection that took several medications to kick, new medications for my PTSD, several care repair visits, and not enough time to sleep. I am finally getting back to basics and doing my self- care.