End of Readathon Reviews!

Archery- Read a book less than 200 pages- Goosebumps- One Day at Horrorland- R. L. Stine 5/5

My fiance had me read this book to him so he could share in my readathon experience. My throat was sore afterwards but it was worth it. I spent two hours with my loves, reading, my fiance, and my animals.

Pegasus Riding- I ended up dropping this prompt as I did not have the time to finish all the activities with four months until my wedding, applying for my social work exam, and working overtime.

Canoeing- Read a book that takes place on or near a body of water- Goosebumps- Deep Trouble- R.L. Stine- 4/5

I finished this book in about a half hour before bed. I thought it was odd for a Goosebumps book, but good enough for me to pick up the sequel for one of the books I plan to read in August.

Climbing Wall- Read the next book in a series- Vampire knight VOL 2 – Matsuri Hino 5/5

I absolutely adore this manga! The romance, drama, twists and turns are amazing! Getting to know Zero more in this installment was wonderful!

Capture the Flag- Read your most anticipated book- Shabanu Daughter of the Wind by Suzzane Fisher Staples

I like this book enough to pick up the sequels on my kiddle app, but I have concerns about the white washing of this novel. I will be researching more into it.

I have several books lined up for next month if I can fit everything in!

Late July Reading Update

Read a book with a Dark Cover- Death Note VOL 1: boredom by Tsugumi Ohba 5/5

Death note is a much better manga than it is an anime, in my opion. I can feel the character of Light better in the Manga and better understand his motivations. The rest of the series will make it to my TBR list.

Choose a book from your TBR at Random- DeadlyEducation by Naomi Novik 5/5

I listened to this book on audio while catching up on paperwork at work. I loved this book. The main character El really pulled me in. She reminds me a bit of myself in high school, a bit anti-social- not all by choice- not popular, and suspicious of people when she is sought out. El’s reactions are genuine to a bullied/ostracized teenager and it really made me feel heard. In addition, the school was masterfully executed if terrifying. I will be reading the sequel when it comes out in September! 

Link to a blog discussing potential racist undertones for further reading and education- https://www.google.com/amp/s/bookriot.com/racism-in-naomi-noviks-a-deadly-education/amp/

Read a book Featuring a wealthy Character- Vengeful by V.E. Schwab- Swapped out for The Cousins by Karen M. McManus

While I love V.E. Schwab her books are heavy to me, it takes me longer to read than other books of similar page lengths, with my level of work and overtime this month along with scheduling difficulties I had to swap for a lighter book, I will be coming back to this book! 

Cousins by Karen M. McManus 5/5

The cousins is an interesting tale, the Story family is from an island, they own a resort on this island and have a lot of money. Enough to turn the heads of people with less scruples than one would hope. This story(LOL) follows 3 generations from the same family. Without spoilers, there are many twists and turns, there are no good guys at the end of this tale just many shades of grey. I highly recommend this book for mystery lovers and people who believe that no one is all good or all bad.

Thank you for reading!

Gotta Catch ‘em All

This weekend was Pokémon Go Fest 2021. I have not be able to play previous years. However, this year I made sure I was free to play! This was my moment of taking time for myself this month after working the holiday and so much overtime.

Saturday was a collection challenge which was nice but I found myself irritable and frustrated with the amount of people around me. I managed to find a corner with little foot traffic to just be and have some time to myself to unwind.

On Sunday I found myself getting stressed because my initial goal was to catch every legendary available. This was unattainable due to server issues, finding enough people, and also recognizing I needed time for myself. The way the weekends for fest are set up there are no breaks. It is an insane run of goals from 10am-6pm in your time zone. After four hours straight I finally took breaks for the bathroom, food, and some alone time.

This weekend was a valuable lesson in my limits and that even fun things can cause a tinge of burn out.

Love and light readers

Iris the Guinea Pig

It is with a heavy heart that I let you dear readers know that Iris the Guinea pig had to be put down. She has been ill on and off for many months. We rushed her to the emergency vet on the 6th of July where she seemed to make some improvement. We brought her home and I was not satisfied she was well.

On Monday the 12th I called my normal vet and we managed to get squeezed in for Thursday. I woke up Thursday gave her medications and a cuddle before work. Fiancé checked on her at lunch time she was still doing well. By the time he left for the vet she was floppy and unresponsive but alive. When they got to the vet there was nothing for it but to let her go.

I love/loved Iris with all my heart. She was a feisty little thing. She was a fighter, within days of bringing her home from Petsmart she had a head tilt. We took her back to get taken care of, they worked on her for a month with no underlying cause found.

We finally got clearance to take her home, she was “free” as long as we agreed to not hold Petsmart responsible for her chronic head tilt. I agreed quickly because I fought that whole month to make sure she came home to us. There were times I thought she wouldn’t make it. There were times I thought they accidentally re sold her. But in the end she came home to us. Her first trip home she was Juliet, but after all her medical complications the name no longer fit her. She became Iris.

Our vet met her within that first week, told us she would never be “normal”. She would have a shortened life span, sometimes run in circles, need lots of attention, and always have a head tilt. It didn’t matter to me. She was my little one and I would do anything for her by the time we got her back in December of ‘19.

This little terror needed a mom. I gave her everything I have without holding back. I gave her all the attention, medical care, and love I could in the short time she was with us. T

he vet was surprised when she made it to 1 year old, I wasn’t because she was a fighter. I was hoping she would make it to two years old but alas that is not the case.

I am happy I was able to love this little crazy guinea pig who ran donuts, high pitch squeaked, and squiggled like a ferret. She will always have a piece of my heart and will always be loved.

May she meet with her sister and brother guinea pigs over the rainbow bridge.

July Reading- Halfway update

I am not as far along in my reading as I had hoped, a mixture of household emergencies, and being pulled in for my on-call shifts had made it difficult to squeeze in my reads. I have altered my goal to finish all my Hades cabin prompts this month and complete all my other reads I am unable to finish this month by the end of the August. 

Hades Prompts

Read a standalone novel- House of Salt and Sorrow by Erin A. Craig 5/5

This book is a modern spin on The 12 Dancing Princesses tale. I really enjoyed this book, the macabre feel, mystery, romance, and dare I say, magic made this book hard to put down! At first, I had trouble keeping all the characters straight in my head, there are over 16 people important to the story, but somehow Erin Craig makes it work. I highly recommend the audio book it is an odd mixture of a soothing voice telling a chilling tale. I look forward to adding her next book, Small Favors to my personal library. 

Read a book where a character must hide their Identity- To Catch a Killer –By Sheryl Scaborough 4/5

One of the main characters, I will not name who, is hiding a big secret from everyone else in the book. As the title suggests someone in this tale is the Killer. I have suspicions of who the killer was by page 60 and had confirmed in my head where this tale was heading after page 90, I did not figure out the motive until the big reveal in the final chapters. While not a perfect book, it was good enough that I purchased the sequel for delivery while I was reading the final five chapters. My fiancé tried to drag me to bed at around 930pm on one of my days off and was unable to as I was so set on finishing the book that night. If you like young adult murder mysteries this book may be for you. 

Activities Prompts

Sword and Shield- Read a book featuring a Character you would not get along with- Fan Girl by Rainbow Rowell 3.5/5

This is the first book I picked up, I listened to it on audio while working the long holiday weekend as a break from murder mysteries. I had just binge listed to the third season of Counter Clock. My fiancé was right I did find someone to dislike in this book, Nick. He is slimy! I also do not like Ren but that is more for the fact that she is misinformed about mental illness than anything else. Over all, the book was good, not great. I found the parts of the book that were bits of fan fiction or bits of another book jarring and frustrating. I know it developed the main character but it felt to me as a grab to make the page count longer. 

Prompts I switched reads for- 

Monster Fighting- Read a Book Featuring Magical creatures- Raven’s Shadow- Patricia Briggs 

I Switched this book to Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs. 5/5

I switched to this book because for the past few days reading an electronic copy has been easier than toting around a paperback or hard back. It is still a Patricia Briggs book. I LOVED this book. Of the series this is my second favorite in Alpha and Omega. I laughed, I cried, and I was truly invested in the leads Anna and Leah. The background story makes my heart ache but it makes the characters so much more believable. I cannot wait for the next installment! 

Pegasus Riding- Read a book Published in the past 5 years- Mirage by Somaiya Daud

Replaced with White Bird by R.J. Palacio 3/5

I still intend to read Mirage, however I needed another audio book to lighten my page count. Between stress, work, and a killer headache, I wanted to read the day I picked up this book but could only listen to something on low. I also wanted to pick up something that would fill a prompt. I have mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed Wonder by R.J. Palacio but I am not sure how I feel about this expansion on the world of Auggie.  I suppose it would be better if I picked up the graphic novel but that is not at the root of my concern. The book aims to teach children about the Holocaust and correlate that to modern day “immigration” issues (Read human beings cannot be illegal) but I am unsure if it is culturally appropriate for someone outside of the culture to write from the perspective of a genocide. I will reserve judgment on this portion until I have more time to process. However, I will say that this graphic novel is for older children or younger children with adult supervision to answer questions and unpack the trauma here. 

Other recommendations for a graphic novel on the Holocaust isMaus and Maus II. The book is written and illustrated by Art Spiegelman depicting his Father’s experiences from living through the Holocaust. It is rich details and reflections by the author. Content warning because of war, trauma, and suicide.

Circling back to Dissociation

Follow me on a little journey today. There are some routes you take everyday that are muscle memory. Maybe from school to home, school to work, work to home. Maybe it’s the trip to your childhood home.

Imagine taking that trip one day. However you make it from school to hope and while you know you got home safe you don’t remember the journey.

This example is a small example of dissociation. This is something the brain does and it’s jarring and frustrating but it happens.

Dissociative disorders are a protection for the brain, however it is maladaptive. Imagine instead of just forgetting your travels you can’t remember full lessons, dates with your loved ones, trying to keep a work schedule when your mind is on “auto pilot”.

It would be pretty difficult wouldn’t it?

This is why I am so passionate about bringing awareness and understanding to this set of disorders.

Here is another resource guide on dissociation from an organization in the UK – https://www.mind.org.uk/media-a/2936/dissociation-and-dissociative-disorders-2019.pdf

Love and Light all!

Activities Prompts

This is the second set of prompts for this month and it will be great if I get to them, but I will not force myself. There is a lot going on and I am not sure how much spare time there will be between working overtime, my normal job, chronic illness, and what may happen with my partners work injury.

1. Sword and Shield- Read a book featuring a Character you would not get along with- Fan Girl by Rainbow Rowell

I let my Fiancé pick this book because UI could not think of anything. According to him, “I picked this because there must be a character you won’t like in it.” So, there you have it readers, a book because I can’t like all the characters in a book.

2. Archery- Read a book less than 200 pages- Goosebumps- One Day at Horrorland- R. L. Stine

If this is not my normal reading you are right, I asked for suggestions from my fiancé because I do not have anything under 250 pages on my own shelf, so I had my partner look at the shelf he has of books I “need to read”.

3. Pegasus Riding- Read a book Published in the past 5 years- Mirage by Somaiya Daud

If you remember my post from a while back this was one of the books I added to my list in an effort to have more voices from persons of color in my personal library and on my reading list. This is one of those books.

4. Monster Fighting- Read a Book Featuring Magical creatures- Raven’s Shadow- Patricia Briggs

I added this book to my list in part because it was a recommendation from my partner and in part because this is another book by the author who writes some of my favorite paranormal romances- The Alpha and Omega series. Here’s hoping this book is as good as Alpha and Omega.

5. Canoeing- Read a book that takes place on or near a body of water- Goosebumps- Deep Trouble- R.L. Stine

I do not have many books that take place by the sea and the number of pages in my TBR was getting daunting by this point in my list. Dear fiancé came to my rescue with another Goosebumps book. We will see how this goes.

6. Climbing Wall- Read the next book in a series- Vampire knight VOL 2 – Matsuri Hino

I LOVE the Vampire Knight Manga and I am so happy to re read VOL 2 before moving on to VOL 3. My wallet will not be happy with my choices, but my brain will be happy.

7. Capture the Flag- Read your most anticipated book- Shabanu Daughter of the Wind by Suzzane Fisher Staples

This was part of a book haul I had at a local second-hand shop. They have a good selection of YA fiction. I know nothing about this read but what the dust jacket says and the front cover but I am excited none the less.

Hades Cabin Prompts

  1. Read a standalone novel- House of Salt and Sorrow by Erin A. Craig

It was much harder than I thought finding a stand-alone book for this prompt. I limited myself to things on my to be read bookshelves. I figured my wallet would thank me and this book has been sitting around since late last year.

2. Read a book with a Dark Cover- Death Note VOL 1: boredom by Tsugumi Ohba

I have started the anime and million times, the newest version and the older one. Since I could not get into that I figured the manga would be more my speed. Plus, what is darker than a black cover with a demon on the front!

3. Choose a book from your TBR at Random- Deadly Education by Naomi Novik

I let my fiancé pick a book from my shelves at random, I could not be bothered to use a random number generator. Yay for working 14 days with only a one day break

4. Read a book where a character must hide their Identity- To Catch a Killer –By Sheryl Scaborough

I picked this book because a killer’s identity is hidden, at least for a time, hopefully I am right or I will be reading a Tamora Pierce book as well as this offering

4. Read a book Featuring a wealthy Character- Vengeful by V.E. Schwab

I had to find a place for this book on my list and this seems perfect. Both leading men are wealthy, at least to some extent.

More to come with the activities TBR list! Until then stay cool in the summer heat!

Declaring My Cabin

Hello All! 

After a bit of lag, thank you fiancé for chopping off part of your thumb, I am back!

I will be reading for the 2021 Olympic Games Reathon, of course it is Rick Riordan Universe Themed!

I will be reading for Cabin Hades these years. Last year I read for Athena, however I have done some soul searching, quizzes, reading, and I really do believe I am more of a child of Hades. I have always been one to be more isolated, some of that from narcissistic abuse growing up, some from being bullied. I have more comfort with both of my feet solidly on the ground than I do in air planes or on a boat. I will always love reading and be a nerd, but at the end of the day that is all I have in common with Athena’s cabin.

Just like the Hogwarts houses, you need traits from more than one place to be a well-rounded person. In my heart I belong in Cabin 13. Hi Soulblings!

State of Life

I will be joining the Olympic Games readathon this month. My TBR will be posted this evening. I will be doing my best to complete it but currently my private life is a bit of a dumpster fire.

I’m other news I worked seven days straight had one day off and work another seven days straight before having a few days to myself.

Ginny the guinea pig continues to be on isolation and suffer from a fungal infection on her nose. She is into the third month of treatment

My fiancé had a work place injury and spent the day at the emergency room. He will be off on workers comp until he can be seen by a hand surgeon- more news to follow.

My father in law continues to be in a nursing home, he continues to suffer from dementia. More older adult and dementia facts to follow for my readers!

My personal health journey continues, I am starting on a two week trial of a medication once it is insurance approved- thank you US health care system

My social work license application was supposed to go in the mail yesterday but is on hold until I can make it to the post office.

I am going to conclude with a few things I am grateful for-

1. My severe sun burn is healing and I managed to avoid a skin infection

2. My fiancé is in pain but he came home to me alive

3. I continue to have paid work even if it is a lot all at once

4. True crime podcasts – they are allowing me some escape from reality

5. Good friends- they are keeping me sane in an insane world

Bonus- my counselor is a saint for being able to help me keep on moving even though my world is a dumpster fire

Love and light!