Hiatus until February 2023

My household has been going through a rough patch.

Severus the cat was in the ICU and is still on medications due to a kidney infection, rebound UTI, and urinary crystals. He will be on medications for his bladder and anxiety for the next six months and specialty food for the rest of his life.

We lost Stormy the Guinea pig suddenly one evening.

My husbands best friend died suddenly of heart failure in his thirties.

We lost Rosie the Guinea Pig of heartbreak two short weeks later.

We welcomed two new additions Smoke and Mist.

My therapist went out of network with my insurance company.

My husband was in a bad car accident, our brand new car was totaled but that the Gods, he was not injured.

Yesterday Bellatrix lost her battle with bone marrow issues and ovarian cysts.

Lumi the guinea pig was diagnosed with an intestinal infection and needs special care for the next 14 days.

Right now we need time to mourn our losses, lick our wounds, treat our sick animals, and give as much love as we can to our chosen family and our little ones. I also need to rest as I have been somewhat under the weather due to stress. I have doctors appoints and car related appointments pretty much daily for the next month. It’s bad when I didn’t even have the energy to join the most recent Orilium readathon.

All this is to say, that right now, real life is kicking me when I am down and I just need to re-fill my cup, as it is bone dry right now.

Some Challenges

Hello All,

I know it has been a while since I have checked in, November has been a tough month for me and I will be back to making regular content in early December.

For now know that our dear Stormy has passed away suddenly. I checked on her one night before sitting down for a movie, then when the movie was finished she was severely ill and we could not do anything but take her to the emergency vet to be humanely euthanized to end her suffering.

A few days later Severus became very ill. My husband had to take a shift off work to rush him to the vet where they put him in for emergency surgery and admitted him into their ICU level care for the weekend. He has not been the same since he came home on Monday. He has been aggressive, insecure, and is hiding under the bed when he is not harassing Gremlin. We are trying to give him space, love, Feliway pheromones in the house, his medications, and patience. It is tough but we are doing our best for him.

With that being said I will be taking a break from posting until mid December.

TBR Jar (Part 3)

21. Over the Garden Wall VOL 1 by Pat McHale
22. Circe by Madeline Miller
23. Spice and Wolf VOL 1 by Isuna Hasekura
24. Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz Ryan
25. Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
26. Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson
27. Firelight by Sophie Jordan
28. Storm Siren by Mary Weber
29. Incarceron by Catherine Fisher
30. Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George

Punk Playlist

  1. Gun in my hand Dorothy
  2. Love/ Hate Heartbreak by Halestorm
  3. Absolution by The Pretty Reckless
  4. Castle by Halsey
  5. You Call me a B*tch like it’s a Bad Thing by Halestorm
  6. Cut the Cord by Shinedown
  7. Follow Me Down by The Pretty Reckless
  8. I am Machine by Three Days Grace

My inner Punk Rocking Goth loved putting together this list, I hope you all enjoy as well!

Embracing the Witch

I am learning to embrace the title of witch. I am a witch. It means many things to different people but to me it means, those who live at the edges of society, those who are misunderstood, those who fight for the weak and do what is right even if it is not what is easy. Society has long feared what they do not understand. People fear what they do not understand or things that do not fill the mold they are used to. I am not usual, a social worker, social justice warrior, PCOS warrior, I believe in health at every size, and equity.