Being Plus Sized

I wanted to write this blog as being plus sized during the pandemic has been harder for me, I am not sure why. I have been a chubby girl since I hit puberty. I started off in “husky” clothing at the age of ten. No matter how much I exercise, diet, ect I have always been fat.

I am currently a size 2-5XL depending on the brand and a size US 24-28US, also depending on the brand and cut. In the plus size community I am considered a “medium plus or medium fat”. I carry a lot of weight in my chest and stomach area with my legs being a size or two smaller.

Right before the pandemic started I had been considering weight loss surgery, I am sick and tired of people telling me all my health problems will go away if I loose weight because that simply is not true. Even if I were skinny I would still have PCOS, thyroid problems, IBS, and all my other medical issues. I would just be less of an eye sore to the medical community. My doctors have also been trying to label me as having high blood pressure in the recent months, spoiler alert they have been using a blood pressure cuff for a smaller person on me, I have the bruises to prover it. When they use the correct blood pressure cuff I magically have normal blood pressure.

After a lot of soul searching, trying a diet that would be like the one I would have post surgery, and talking to someone who had weight loss surgery I decided it was not for me. I then tried a “PCOS” diet through a nutritionist but went in blind because the paper resources were not sent to me until two weeks into my diet attempt.

After all this I am left with a primary care physician who is still pushing for weight loss surgery, battered self-esteem, and a lot of image issues to work through.

I do not know what the next step for me as far as weight loss goes but I do know I need to love myself at whatever size I am. It is difficult on the best day and nearly impossible on my worst. However, I will continue to try.

Love and light to my readers.

Mental Health First Aid Kit

In my home I do not just have a medical first aid kit I have one for my mental health. There are just some days I cannot function without a helping hand. I have a small tote near my bed for those days. So I am going to share with you some of the contents.

  1. Some coloring supplies
  2. A stress ball
  3. Essential oils
  4. A small stuffed animal
  5. A snack
  6. A mini water bottle

Things I would like to add if money were not an issue

  1. Sensory items from Etsy
  2. A sand kit from Etsy
  3. An extra copy of a movie I like
  4. An extra copy of a book

Self care is not always bubble baths and drinking water sometimes it’s know when you can’t handle to world anymore and need to just feed your soul. This emergency kit is for those days. I have not had to use this kit for almost a year but I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

What would you keep in your kit?

Work Self Care Kit

I am a firm believer everyone should have a self care kit at work. So I am going to share what is in mine!

  1. Dry Shampoo- you never know when your hair may need a little help
  2. Deodorant- good for using before or after stressful meetings
  3. Eyedrops- Great for sore eyes from staring at a computer all day
  4. Pain Reliever- For any aches pains that may crop up
  5. Emergency medicines- For me this is a spare set of my daily medications and an epi pen for emergencies. I have mad coworkers aware of my epi pen in case I am unable to help myself
  6. A stress ball
  7. Essential oils
  8. A fan
  9. A sweater
  10. Water bottle
  11. Snacks- I make sure to have something on hand I can eat and that will not make me sick

I am blessed to have a cafeteria, small corner shop like area, and a small pharmacy at my job but it is always good to have things at your desk just in case.

Binge Worthy TV shows

A lot of people have been asking what I am watching lately. My TV shows really break down into two categories. The first are shows I watch with my partner and the second are shows I watch alone.

Shows I watch with my partner

  1. The Big Bang Theory- I am watching through this series for the first time. I really love the characters and the comedy is a great break from life.
  2. Evil- I love the actor Mike Colter and the premise of the show, which is psychology and hauntings is so interesting
  3. Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated- The dark twist of the series keeps my partner interested and I am always down to watch Scooby Doo!

Shows I watch on my own

  1. Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom- I love Animals and I have been on a Disney kick lately so why not have both?
  2. Bondai Vet- More animals and it is on youtube
  3. Saving Grace- an interesting take on theology and it is funny to boot.
  4. Forensic files- true crime podcast are great but when I am home I watch this
  5. Unsolved mysteries- I am working my way through the second season on Netflix

What are you watching?

Self Care during the Holidays

Hello All,

Sarah the social worker here to remind you to keep practicing self care!

This comes as a huge reminder for myself as well. I am seeing my family in person this holiday season for the first time in two years. I have made boundaries because my family can be toxic at the best of times and the equivalent of a black hole at the worst of times. To top things off they will be meeting my partner for the first time. That being said I am amping up the self care.

  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Eat regular meals
  3. Take all my medications daily and on time
  4. Be patient with myself- not everything will be perfect and that is okay.
  5. Go to regular therapy- I have not been to therapy in over year but it is time to start again
  6. Remember that what people think I am is not who I am- Honor myself and my beliefs above all else
  7. It is okay to not be okay!

Love and light to all,

Sarah the Social Worker

Writers Update

Hello All, I know it has been longer than it should have been. After some suture infections and several more vet visits Rosie is almost in the clear health wise.

I on the other hand am not. I was diagnosed with Pelvic Inflamatory disorder caused by my IUD. This disorder causes a lot of pain and discomfort. Once that was treated with several weeks of antibiotics I was diagnosed with pelvic tension. This means I hold my stress in my pelvic muscles cause more pain and discomfort. I am doing self care by going to Physical therapy starting in the next few weeks.

COVID-19 is now in a resurgence in my area. Hospital staff are being asked to work harder and longer shifts with over time in between. It’s rough on the mind and body.

I just want to say I am hoping everyone is doing well, more to come sooner this time.

Love and Light,

Sarah The Social Worker