Boundaries- Work and your Cell Phone

Hello All!

I wanted to chat today about work and your personal communication devices. In the current world most people can’t live without their phones.

For me, I read, write, communication, play Pokémon go, shop, listen to music, and listen to podcasts from my phone. Heck I can even write blogs from my cell! (Although I prefer my laptop)

In a world like this where all applications and employee files require your cel phone how do you make boundaries? For me I have blocked everyone accept the supervisor I have to call if I’m sick and my work friends.

There is no reason for me to be contact during or after work hours for work concerns when I have instant message through the patients charts and two work cell phones.

I have had to enforce this boundary using the block caller button on I-phone as it seems three plus ways to communicate with me from 9am-530pm is not enough for some colleagues.

How do you enforce your boundaries to maximize time off and reduce burn out?

1 thought on “Boundaries- Work and your Cell Phone”

  1. I made my boundaries clear during my probation period when I first started – if it becomes a reoccurring issue, I bring it up in my yearly eval. It’s so important to establish those boundaries early and often so they don’t get abused! If someone from work calls on my time off, I just don’t answer and let it go to voicemail. If the VM is urgent, I’ll call back 🙂

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