Piggie Update

Hello all!

So we brought the new little ones home today. Just like the last two we rescued these two and all their belongings stunk to high heaven of perfume.

They have both received loving, bath, and brushes. The boy loves me, and bit my partner when he tried to pick him up. The girl loves my partner and shakes when I hold her.

The girl ate for over an hour straight when she came home and is a bit skinny. The male is in bad shape. He has an upper respiratory, over grown front teeth, dry flakey skin, under weight, and gooey eyes.

We have started him on our normal upper respiratory treatment and he will be going to the vet next week for a teeth trimming.

Wish us luck!

Small Wins- A bonus Post

This is my make up post for missing 10/20, I fully intent to have 31 posts by the end of Blogtober!

I have been advocating, and self-caring my brains out lately. I have negotiated and pleaded with doctors and medical/prescription insurances. After almost four weeks on phentermine I have lost 12 pounds. This is a huge win for me. I have been 325-3335 pounds since 2015 when thy thyroid started under producing hormones. The year before I was 233 pounds, so one little thing, left undiagnosed caused me to gain 100 pounds.

While I have not been able to notice the difference in the mirror, my pants are a little loose in the thigh area, and my shirts fit a little better. It is my hope this keeps working and I am down to a safe weight soon.

I will keep everyone posted on my Journey!

An Agonizing Decision

If you all remember almost a year ago John and I picked up two Guinea Pigs, Bellatrix and Elvira, after Whiskey passed away. Their home was less than ideal. They were bathed in perfume=y shampoo which is bad for sensitive guinea pig lungs. I tend to treat my guinea pigs like one would an asthmatic child, no extra smells, and no dust particles if possible.

We brought them home, bathed them in sent free shampoo to get rid of the smell, trimmed their over grown nails, and loved them as much as we can. They are still not fans of people all the time. Sometimes they run away and make agitated noises, but they do let us give them cuddles several times a week.

Four weeks ago the women who sold us these two babies contacted me. Apparently she is now allergic to all guinea pigs, not just the long hair guinea pigs. She said that since we have taken such good care of Bella and Ellie that she would like us to take her other two guinea pigs. My gut was screaming no, but my heart feels so bad for these little ones. Then she said they were five years old. Guinea pigs only live 5-7 and at five years old they become labeled as seniors and need special care.

in the hopes of transparency I told my partner. Who immediately said no, then I told him how old they were. Which turned into how soon can we get them. I lost it, I don’t know if we can do this. It is so much responsibility. We are getting married in under two months. I relented after he explained that those sesniors need our love and they won’t be with us long. I pushed off meeting the woman to pick them up until this weekend. But as of tomorrow we will have two more little ones.

I will get pictures and details to you all once they settle in.

Love and Light,


Black Cat Appreciation

*Bonus Post since I missed posting yesterday*

My Black cat appreciation post is a day late. Sorry there was a power outage in my area, so my laptop was not charged. When I saw the first picture of Severus I knew I wanted him to come home with me! He was so young that I did not know if he was a boy or a girl so i picked the name Morgana for a girl and Severus for a boy. I totally missed the chance to call him Salem. He is such a goofy, dramatic soul that reminds me of Salem from the Sabrina the Teenage Witch Sitcom.

I love you little one even if you love dad more!

Severus- “What do you want mom, I am waiting for dad to come back and snuggle me.”

Severus- “Totally ignoring you now you don’t have treats”

Social Work Licensing Renewal

Hello Dear Readers!

This year was my licensing renewal year, which I was hoping to avoid and instead obtain my independant licensure. However that was not meant to be right now.

In renewing my license I realized I could provide some tips for easy renewal

  1. Make sure your computer or laptop has good power and internet access
  2. Make sure you organize your certificates into piles. For me, I sort by what is considered an in person credit, a not in person credit, and ethics.
  3. Always have a few extra CEU’s- This year I was in a time crunch so I only had 1.5 extra I can prove. I have a bad habit of taking extra CEU’s then forgetting to download the certificate of attendance. I typically try to have 5 extra hours. I am mildly terrified of being audited, even though I have done my work.
  4. Have something to drink near by- the process can take time and I recommend being hydrated

Decade old medical gaslighting

I have suffered from a skin condition called eczema my entire life. The worst patches have always been on my arms, scalp, and trunk.

For years I used oatmeal baths, elidel, hydrocortisone creams, and hydrating lotions to combat the red itchiness that came every spring and fall like clock work. In recent years, my shoulders and scalp have been the areas that break out when I am stressed. So wedding planning has been a joy.

When I was in 7th grade I went to my primary cares office for my yearly here is my eczema, please refill my prescription trip. This particular year the two doctors in the practice I saw were all booked up. The third doctor was someone we avoided unless there was no other choice.

This year was a no other choice year. I went in with my mom, had my weight, height, vitals, ect done after a several hour wait. The doctor comes in, listens to my concerns, then informs me the elidel I have relied on since I was young was “taken off the market” due to “severe” side effects. The main one was “thinning of the skin”.

While I was at my dermatologist last week she was checking out my scalp and skin. Said she would send in some prescriptions and hopefully after the wedding my flare up would end. I mentioned in passing that I used to use elidel but an old doctor told me they no longer make it. Which is sad given it works so well.

My doctor gave me a puzzled look and said they still make the medication it’s just not made under the brand name anymore.

I have been suffering under flairs withe little relieve because topical steroids are frown upon by my doctors. For years, I have not had this medication since I was 13 because I never asked again. I am now almost 30 and I just found out I was lied to all those years ago.

My mind is blown.

Spooky Season Bucket List

I’m not sure if a spooky season bucket list is a thing but I’ve now made it a thing!

1. Masked ball- My prom was masquerade “themed” but there were no masks. I have always wanted to go to a masked ball. The ball gowns, lights, decor, Venetian masks. I’m all about the vampire aesthetic at these things!

2. Trick or Treating- my parents didn’t let me trick or treat after first grade. Every year they came up with reasons for why I had been “bad” so I could not go. The real reason came out later that my mom didn’t want to pay for or take time to get make up and costumes. So she came up for perceived slights or “back talking” every year to ban me from it. Some day I hope to take my own kids trick or treating

3. Six flags- Six flags tends to have a horror themed October and I would love to go once COVID is gone

What is on your spooky bucket list?

Medical Gaslighting

Today’s post is about medical gaslighting, specifically of women and people that are overweight/obese. I am one of these people and I have been medically gaslighted for three years now. I have a condition called PCOS. Many physicians like to start people with my condition on metformin. My body does not agree with metformin. The first time I was prescribed it I took it for 2.5 to three weeks. I had four UTI’s. My primary care and OBGYN did not believe it was metformin related. I knew that was my only change in recent weeks.

I took myself off the medication even though the PCP said she would not support this decision and like magic the UTI’s went away.

I had an endocrinology appointment over the summer, where the endocrinologist did not believe me prescribed metformin and refused to look into alternatives because “this is a cheap medication” and “almost all insurances cover it so it won’t need a prior auth”. So I left that office and will not return.

I went to a second endocrinologist who started me on phentermine for weight loss. After having some labs, where my sugar was in normal rage, she said it was high and started me on metformin. My first issue with this is that she outright said she did not believe that metformin causes UTI’s. My second issue is she did not believe the scientific laboratory evidence that my sugar is not elevated. I started the medications praying this time would be different but knowing it would not, but it would prove a point.

I took the medication for two days and I am already having increased urination, bloody urine, lower abdominal pain, back pain, and a fever. Hello UTI, my old friend. I did not want your visit. Especially under a month prior to my wedding.

Lunch Habits and Burn out

These are my top three DON’T do this habits to avoid during your lunch break.

1. Skipping lunch- there are a lot of work cultures that emphasize skipping lunch breaks in order to leave early. I’ve noticed I stay longer when I skip lunch. Without fuel my brain is fuzzy and sluggish. I get hangry. I feel sick when I get home which throws off my eating and sleep cycle. Do yourself a favor and take even fifteen minutes for lunch. You are worth it!

2. Eating at your desk- you will be tempted to continue doing work while eating. This means you are not fully present with your lunch or your work. Therefore neither is getting done well. Being distracted while eating can cause over eating, or other side effects from a lack of mindfulness. Eating can be grounding, sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch are all activated while eating.

3. Scheduling through your lunch break- I know you said you would eat later, or that you will eat while charting. However, fires will come up that need to be put out, sugar crashes can happen, and it’s not a good habit to get into. Do yourself a favor and block out your lunch.

Also block out reminders to drink water, go to the bathroom, and other bodily functions. We are not robots and we work better when our basic human needs are met.

Social work myths- debunked

1. Hospital social workers only do discharges- Hospital social works can and do work on discharges. However we can also host family meetings, discuss end of life decision making, advocate for patients, and connect them to mental health resources.

2. Social workers take people’s children- some social workers do work in child services. However, the goal is often reunification with parents and not taking children.

3. Anyone can do social work- In my area it is difficult to break into the field with a bachelors. I went straight from undergraduate to graduate studies so I could find a job and make a living

What are some myths you have heard?