Processing the Supreme Court rulings

I have been processing the Supreme Court rulings on reproductive rights, Native American rights are being hit. I’m afraid of what this means for all the vulnerable populations social work protects.

My husband and I are scared as to how these rulings will impact the future for us as a couple, our friends, but even if we want to have children in a world like this.

I have more questions and worries than I have answers at this point. I will continue to fight the good fight. I will advocate, I will vote, I will continue to hold those around me accountable for the things they do and say.

I am surrounded by people in my family circle and at work who hold beliefs that do not support the rights of others. I have been vocal in the past about why human rights are important and why the wants of a few should not mean others don’t have rights.

I will continue this battle.

Readathon incoming!

Orilium Autumn Equinox Readathon will be held in August. I am working on narrowing my choices for the reading prompts and collecting my book choices. Those will be coming out soon.

I will also be picking up some bonus challenges depending on time. So far I have 13 mandatory books and 7 potential bonus opportunities mapped out.

Newly Minted Independant Social Worker

Hi All!

I have been gone for a little hiatus due to some work/life insanity. Part of the good news is that I was able to fully complete my independent clinical license application, study for the exam, pass the exam, and finish all the paperwork. For the past week I have been an officially independent social worker!

The past five years post grad school have been full of ups and downs. There were times I lost hope, thought of leaving the profession, I even looked at going back to school a time or two. I pushed through the doubt, fear, drama, and frustration and I made it to the other side.

It was not easy. There were tears, a few existential crises, and a large dash of frustration. With the support of friends, my hubby, mentors, and my own therapist I did it!

Coming soon: Sarah’s Tips for sitting the ASWB exam