Upcoming progress

I apologize in advance if posts are spotty over the next few weeks.

I have been having a pretty bad reaction to a new medication I started which makes it difficult to eat causing energy fluctuations and sugar crashes.

I was also just approved to sit my exam and have less than two weeks between me and the only available exam date between now and October so I will be cramming as much information into my brain as possible in the coming days.

My partner and I are also looking into purchasing a new vehicle as the repairs for our current vehicle are costing more than the vehicle is worth.

Additionally, the current American political climate combined with have two very active trump supporters along with two other office mates in an office made for 1 person is really challenging what I am able to handle at any given moment.

All this to say, please be gentle in the coming weeks! There is a lot of growing to be done.

LGBTQIA Graphic Novel Book Review

A Quick and Easy Guide to Asexuality bu Molly Muldoon and Will Hernandez.

I first picked up this book as I wanted to learn more about asexuality and the ace spectrum. I have several people I am close to who identify as Ace, Asexual, and Demi Sexual. Asexuality is used those who fall on the spectrum of low or no interest in sexuality.

The book is written by two members of the asexual community who define many of the terms surrounding asexuality and use metaphors and some personal stories to help the reader really understand the asexual spectrum.


As a social worker I have heard the “q” in LGBTQ defined in two ways.

  1. Queer- This term has a history of being used as a slur, however, some folx are reclaiming the word as a way to identify themselves as being part of the LGBT community
  2. Questioning- this term has been used for those who are exploring and learning their own gender, romantic, and sexual identities

LGBTQIA Definitions: Gay

Gay persons are men who are sexually and/or romantically interested in men. Please note that non-binary or gender non conforming individuals can identify with this term. Additionally, some persons who identify as lesbians also use gay. It is the individuals choice and we as social workers should let people choose their what labels and or identities suit them.

30th Birthday Review

May is my birthday Month, yes I am a Taurus, I really am stubborn, lol!

For my birthday I took some time off of work, got some rest, caught up on doctors appointments and did some self reflection. All of this really needed to happen and the break was worth every second, even if I did not finish my entire to do list.

I am not into parties or large crowds so my husband and I kept it simple. We enjoyed a date night, I received presents, we went to the arcade, and we played at an escape room. I even squeezed in some time to read. All in all it was the perfect introverts birthday.

Weird Fact About Me!

Another weird fact about me, this time something I seem to have inherited from my maternal side of the family. I am TERRIBLE with electronics. To put this in context I cannot wear a wrist watch, I have to be careful about how long I wear my pokemon gotcha band, and I fry computers.

As a child I could not wear a watch because my mom could not find a wrist band small enough for me. When I got a bit older and my bone structure developed I started wearing watches. I have tried every brand walmart, target, Dicks Sporting goods store, and K-mart have sold. I even bought a few off Amazon in college. The batteries die in days of me wearing them, I have taken them back to the store, replaced them with better quality batteries, had someone else wear the watch and they dont have issues. No matter what I do in 3-5 days the watch battery dies.

I also cannot use PCs and can only use a Macbook, because I fry the mother boards. My first laptop had three motherboards cook and is on its fourth. My mom is able to use it with no issues. My second and third laptops both went through two mother boards. I had fourth laptop I did not bother replacing the motherboard after it went up and switch over to a Macbook. I have had this Mac book for five years or so no problems. My PC based laptops would last maybe 3-5 months.

After talking to my husband, brother in law, father in law, and Step father in law who have all worked on computers they think I need to wear a grounding bracelet if I ever switch back to PC use. If the computer issues where from power surges, viruses, ect the hard drive should be damaged, in my case the hand drives have always been recoverable.

In essence I am a super static-y person and the Mac book has software or hardware to handle that where windows computers do not.