Medical Gaslighting Part 2

When the brand new doctor thinks they know more about your body than you do. I went to an endocrinologist for my hypothyroidism and PCOS. I thought they may have answers for me and why my weight has been the same regardless of how much I walk or what I do or don’t eat. I was sadly mistaken.

Brace yourselves for their answer. Apparently all my problems will be solved if I eat 1400 calories or less a day and walk thirty minutes a day. This will apparently allow me to loose a pound a week. Even after I said I have tried this and it has not worked. Apparently I can use my magical mind powers to will the weight away.

Their second answer was to tell me to restart a medication I came off of because it was not helping and it was causing chronic UTI’s.

I am pretty sure I need a new doctor.

Love and light

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