Hiatus until February 2023

My household has been going through a rough patch.

Severus the cat was in the ICU and is still on medications due to a kidney infection, rebound UTI, and urinary crystals. He will be on medications for his bladder and anxiety for the next six months and specialty food for the rest of his life.

We lost Stormy the Guinea pig suddenly one evening.

My husbands best friend died suddenly of heart failure in his thirties.

We lost Rosie the Guinea Pig of heartbreak two short weeks later.

We welcomed two new additions Smoke and Mist.

My therapist went out of network with my insurance company.

My husband was in a bad car accident, our brand new car was totaled but that the Gods, he was not injured.

Yesterday Bellatrix lost her battle with bone marrow issues and ovarian cysts.

Lumi the guinea pig was diagnosed with an intestinal infection and needs special care for the next 14 days.

Right now we need time to mourn our losses, lick our wounds, treat our sick animals, and give as much love as we can to our chosen family and our little ones. I also need to rest as I have been somewhat under the weather due to stress. I have doctors appoints and car related appointments pretty much daily for the next month. It’s bad when I didn’t even have the energy to join the most recent Orilium readathon.

All this is to say, that right now, real life is kicking me when I am down and I just need to re-fill my cup, as it is bone dry right now.