Artificial Intelligence in Social Work

Recently I was reading an article on The New Social Worker website regarding the ethical implications of using artificial intelligence in social work. Referenced article can be found in the embedded link below:

The premise of the article is due to the development of artificial intelligence and the development of various robots will there come a time where robots have a place carved out in social work. This could look like a robot that helps with skills, resource connection, or even giving some kind of social interaction to isolated client populations.

After thinking about this article for a few weeks I have boiled down my thoughts to three concerns:

  1. What are the ethical ramifications? If for instance the robot does something wrong who is the liable party? The manufacturer, the programer, the social worker who made the referral? If it is the social worker is there then some repercussion on their licensure?
  2. How will the robots be monitored? After living through a cyber attack and reading about various cyber attacks on hospitals, I am not so trusting of technology? Could a robot be forced or reprogramed for malicious intent? How do we safeguard our clients from this?
  3. Access is a key point brought up in the article, is that a robot could be availible any day and any time, giving flexibility, but the article then places the responsibility of breakdowns of the services on the refering provider. Will this set a standard where normal humans need to be accessible to their clients 24/7, will there be an on call rota for this robot? What are the implications on the providers themselves?

Essentially is this a tool or a liability?

Tuesday Reminder

On this rainy Tuesday I’d like to reminder everyone that it is okay to not be okay! Taking care of yourself, especially if you are struggling, or have mental illness, or just need a brain break is OKAY. Taking care of yourself should be on your to do list and not an after thought.

Today I will be mapping out a brain dump of self care ideas for myself. What are you doing?

2022 Goals Update for Quarter 1

In order to keep myself accountable I will be posting a monthly update on my 2022 goals.

  1. Blog more consistently- my goal for January was 15 posts, I was only able to complete 12 due to writers block and life being insane. In February my goal was 12 posts which I completed but I did not stick to my Monday Wednesday Friday posting schedule very well due to internet issues. My March goal is 13 posts with 14 completed.
  2. Self-Care- my self care so far this year has been reading everything in sight. Which I think I’ve done pretty well given I have read over 115 books which was my goal for the year. Additionally I have completed more than 1 readathon.
  3. Take time off- I had some time off in January and some in March, however it balanced out to little time off since I picked up several overtime shifts. I plan to do better in the later part of the year.
  4. Make progress toward my clinical licensure- I have continued to attend supervision as it is offered, which is not always consistent but I am doing my best with the hand I have been dealt. I will continue to work on polishing my paperwork and resubmitting.

Orilium Bonus Quests

These quests were worth an additional 10 character points each

  1. Read a five Star Prediction: Ancient Magus’ Bride Volume 11 by Kore Yamazaki ******
    As reviewed under Magical Hopathon.
  2. Read a Book From a New Author- Who I was with Her Nita Tyndall *****
    As reviewed under Magical Hopathon.
  3. Steal a book from someone else’s TBR- Buffy the vampire Slayer Volume 1 by Jordy Bellaire *****
    From Stars and Embers TBR:
    This was a wonderful read! It has more characters, more LGBTQIA representation, and more character depth than I am able to get from the TV series. (Not to say the series is bad, I would not have picked up this Graphic Novel without the TV series). Buffy is her usual snarky teenaged self and I love it!
  4. Missing Spell book- Read a book borrowed from the library- RX by Rachel Lindsey *****
    I liked reading this book as a person who suffers from Depression and PTSD AND as a clinician on a medical psychiatric floor at a hospital. I think it is important to see things from the other prospective. This can only help myself and others grow as professionals.
  5. Party- Read a book with more than 1 point of view- The Blood King by Abigail Owen *****
    The second installment in the Dragon and Phoenix world! There is even more action adrenaline, angst, drama, world building, and romance. This may be even better than the first book!
  6. Rare Ingredient—Read a book with the letter D in the title- Ancient Magus’ Bride Volume 10 by Kore Yamazaki *****
    As reviewed under Magical Hopathon.

Orillium Spring Equinox term

  1. Alchemy- Book featuring romance- The Rogue King by Abigail Owens *****
    As Reviewed for Magical Hopathon
  2. Animal Studies- Quick Read- Speaker for the Dead Graphic Novel Adapted from the Orson Scott Card book *****
    This was a wonderful take on this Enders Game Sequel. The comic follows Ender as he acts as an investigator and brings family secrets to light in order to save to species on one planet. The artists did a great job bringing the story to the page.
  3. Artificery- Earth Setting- Ancient Magus’ Bride vol 9
    As reviewed under mythothon.
  4. Astronomy- Top of your Must Read List- Spy X Family volume 7 by Tatsuyo Endo *****
    As reviewed under Mythothon.
  5. Demonology- Word Shadow in the title – Shadow Witch by Kim Richardson ****
    This book was a find under kindle unlimited. I was intrigued by the new magic system and the mystery aspects that were alluded to in the summary. The first half of the book was a lot of world building but the second half was action packed. There is a potential love interest plot line brewing which may draw me in for the sequel.
  6. Elemental Studies-Book under 100 pages- Bewitching the Vampire By Carrie Pulkinen ****
    A short romantic drama I downloaded to my nook book, by the middle of the story I thought the story threads would not tie up, however the main character got her man and her happily ever after. Only complaint is that the content warning on the book made it sound very spicy, it was not in fact very spicy.
  7. Inscription- Intimidating Read- Sekirei volume 1 by Sakurako Gokurakuin *****
    I had not picked this book up in the year since I bought it because it is so massive it is intimidating. Once i did get started it was a rather quick read. The english volumes are made up of two of the original volumes in one omnibus. Hence why each volume is HUGE! The manga goes a bit deeper than the TV show which I enjoy.
  8. Lore- Mythology inspired- Lore by Alexandra Bracken *****
    Another book that was recommended by Leila! This is a modern day twist on greek mythology, my favorite pantheon to love, dive into, and otherwise ask why about the gods. The twists turns, character development, and the immersive experience of the world is everything I love! The characters are worthy of love and yet so flawed and blind in different ways. Even the gods cannot be trusted. If you love action, adventure, or greek mythology this one’s for you!
  9. Restoration- Book featuring healers- High School DXD Volume 6 by Ichiei Ishibumi *****
    As reviewed under my Hopathon reviews.
  10. Spells & Incantations- Short story or essay- High School DXD Asia and Koneko  by Ichei Ishibumi *****
    Reading the manga for this series was a new experience for me. I have been reading the light novels and I have watched all the seasons of the anime. The mangs is just as good! It is funny and a great look into the relationship between Asia and Koneko.

Magical Hopathon Book Reviews

Disney Land Paris

  1. Spy X Family volume 7 by Tatsuyo Endo *****
    Reviewed under the Mythothon post
  2. The Rogue King by Abigail Owen *****
    A huge shout out to Leila for recommending this series! The Rogue King follows 1 of four Phoenix women and their quest to find safety in a society of dragons at war with each other, and who look to use the power of the phoenix each generation. The action, tension, mating, and war in this book made for a great page turner.
  3. Ancient Magus’ Bride Volume 9 by Kore Yamazaki *****
    Reviewed under Mythothon post
  4. Ancient Magus’ Bride Volume 10 by Kore Yamazaki *****
    Volume 10 starts the second story arc for Chise and Elias, while some things have improved for them, they are still learning how to navigate their relationship. This installment introduces us the the Academy Elias will be teaching at and Chise will be auditing classes. Many new characters are introduced which at times is confusing, but it is worth it for the new perspective.
  5. All The Wrong Questions by Lemony Snicket ***
    I have not read a book from Lemony Snicket in a while, so it took a few chapters to re-introduce myself to his writing style. The mystery is intriguing, but what is more intriguing is when will the VFD make their appearance in this series?
  6. Ancient Magus’ Bride Volume 11 by Kore Yamazaki *****
    The second installment in the academia arc is more intense, we see some of the new series regulars appear again. there is a mystery afoot, but who is the villain and who will be the main protagonist? Chise or Elias.
  7. To Right the Wrongs by Sheryl Scarborough
    This sequel feels like it heads off to a bumpy start. The happily ever after from book 1 is more angsty and realistic relationship drama for high schoolers. The book wraps up on a high point, with found family and love.

Mythothon Reviews- Egyptian Mythology

Prompts: Isis

  1. Ancient Magus’ Bride Volume 9 by Kore Yamazaki *****
    Chise and Elias mend their relationship in this installment, and this book wraps up the end of the first story arc.
  2. Who I was with her by Nita Tyndall *****
    The book was difficult to get into at first, I felt that as the reader I was dumped into the middle of a story line and I felt lost. However, after reading further I really felt engaged in the story and the struggles of the main character. It was great to have a LGBTQ protagonist in a young adult book that really discusses coming out, grief, and change.
  3. Found: Read a book you have been anticipating SPY X FAMILY Volume 7 by Tatsuyo Endo *****
    I have been waiting for this volume to come out since I binge read volumes 1-6 earlier this year. I love Anya her pup and all of the mystery and drama/comedy. I look forward to Volume 8!
  4. Broken Wings “Episode” 15 of Loyal to Monsters by Emma Dean *****
    After reading the For Fox Sake books by Emma Dean I have become super invested in the world building and characters she has set up. I love the webtoon episode set up for these characters. The Angel and Hunter romance burns hot throughout the episodes.
  5. High School DXD Volume 6 by Ichiei Ishibumi *****
    Another light novel volume I have been looking forward to reading. This installment follows Rias Gremory and the Demon pawns she created dealing with a plot to overthrow the tense peace that was found in the last book.

Short Break from Work

I was originally scheduled to take some time off to see a friend and Johns family. However, I managed to injure my lower back and have an unidentifiable foot rash. The rash could be a mild case of chickenpox those that are vaccinated sometimes get, contact dermatitis, or folliculitis. So instead of going out I will be staying home and trying to rest for a week before returning to work. Hopefully I am all patched up by the time I return.