Clinical Hours!

So I wanted to announce that I am officially done all my supervision and clinical hours for my independent social work licensing board. follow me on my journey through the application process, studying for the exam, tips, tools, and more!

To start with I must track down all the supervisors I have had since 2017, have them fill out forms, mail them to me, and complete an application form.

Wish me luck dear readers! Good luck on your own journeys!

Wedding Dress Shopping

Hello All,

Today is another wedding and self care post. As you know I am recently engaged, I am planning my wedding for this Fall. It will be an intimate ceremony because of my caution around the Covid-19 pandemic.

This past weekend was my first time trying on wedding dresses, as I’ve previously written I have body image issues and PTSD. I was prepared for the body image issues to come up, with the support of my friends it has not been so bad.

I was not prepared for my PTSD to be set off. At the first shop the sales woman was completely hands off and let me dress and undress on my own, with the occasional help with a zipper. At the second shop I was not allowed to dress myself, they were very handsy, and went so far as to grab my chest to emphasize that she wanted to show off my busy line. In a normal person this is an invasion of personal space but may not be a larger issue. For me it made me want to escape that place as soon as possible. While I found a beautiful dress there, I won’t be returning to purchase it because I felt my needs were not being met and I was not heard.

In addition to the chest issues, the saleswoman put me in poofy gowns with long trains, think catholic cathedral style wedding gowns. While they look amazing and are flattering to some of my curves, this is not the style I am going for. I am looking for a simple, A-line, very little poof, some lace, and elegance.

I think a ball gown is a little too much for a ten person wedding.

Love and light to all!

Pokemon Master!

Hello All!

This weekend into this week has been a Kanto special event in Pokémon go. I have made so much progress in the game!

I am currently using it as a way to get mini breaks at work because my office happens to sit on three pokestops, plus it’s much healthier than drinking a cup of coffee every time I’m stressed.

I’ve also been using it as a distraction between wedding planning.

Currently I have 133 of the Kanto Pokemon. My favorite is Charizard, I have loved this Pokemon since I started playing my older sisters copy of Pokémon yellow as a pre-teen. Coincidentally you receive a charmander in Pokémon shield after you beat the Finals, which I have been working on evolving when not doing the 100 other things on my to do list!

Love and light!

Preparing for my clinical exam

Hello all,

I am 1 supervision hour from submitting my paperwork to the board of social work to ask permission to sit the clinical exam for my state! I am excited, nervous, and scared all at the same time.

I have signed up for a three day intensive study session for the exam. I have my prep book, prep app, and lots of coffee.

More to come on areas I need to focus on, how I’m balancing studying and wedding planning, and I what hot topics may be on the exam!

Love and light to all!

Pelvic Inflammatory Disorder

The Internet says a whole lot about PID or pelvic inflammatory disorder. Only maybe half of it is true. Per my physician all of the women she has seen in the past few months with this disease have never had an STD or STI. Which is contrary to popular belief.

I almost cried when I found out I have PID. I didn’t know how to talk to my partner about it luckily he is super understanding about my health.

For my PID it comes from bacteria traveling from the vagina where it is healthy to the uterus where it is not meant to live which causes pain, bleeding, discomfort, and general misery.

I have had a second flare up. It has not been fun.

Antibiotics and Tylenol are in my future!

Love and light to all

Readathon Follow- up

I did manage to finish reading On the edge of the sword which is a lovely historical fiction based on the life of Aethelflaed a noblewoman from 870 England.

While I remember the book differently and enjoyed it more when I was younger I still found the book a good read. There is much more grief and battle mentioned than I remember.

As for the second book I started it is a book that is part of the Tortal word created by Tamara Pierce. I have been waiting for this book to come out since 2012. So far the book is good and I am reserving judgment.


Hello Lovely Readers!

Leila and I will be cohosting a readathon starting this Friday at 6pm and ending Saturday at 6pm. For details on sprints follow either of us on Twitter!

I will be focusing on my fantasy and fiction reads this month as the pile on the bedside table keeps growing higher to my fiancé’s dismay.

We can be found on social at the following:

For Leila: LeilaPMorgan, @leilapmorgan,

For Me: @balance_healer,

Happy reading!