Struggling with Self Image

Hello All,

As I get closer to my dress fitting appointments I am becoming terrified and stressed. I grew up with a messed up body image and relationship to food.

My dad tried to make sure I wore baggy clothes so “I wouldn’t attract the wrong attention” and my mom and her co workers started bullying me for being fat and ugly at the ripe old age of 9.

I have never thought of myself as a beauty and even thought of pursuing weight loss surgery earlier this year. I avoid pictures, the mirror, clothes shopping, in general it just all sucks. On my worse days I have looked up an old article on reddit an ex posted of me on rhamplanet.

As I move forward to my appointments I need to keep my self care up, drinking water, eating healthy things, keeping my anxiety down, and making sure I ask for help when I need it. I will keep going to bi weekly therapy and making myself a priority.

Love and Light dear readers!

Advocate for yourself!

Hi all,

Today I am here to talk about the social work saying “We are in it for the outcome not the income” and variations on that theme.

I get where this is coming from but we are degreed and licensed professionals. Many of us have families and student loan debt. We want to help people but that shouldn’t mean we take a vow of poverty to do so.

As professionals we need to advocate for ourselves and show other professionals how we should be treated.

Remember we can use the skills we learned to make sure we are treated fairly!

Planning a Wedding

Wedding planning in general is stressful and overwhelming. I’m very lucky to have supportive friends and an amazing therapist to help me through these next few months.

Right now I’m browsing wedding colors, bridesmaids dresses, and dreading my dress appointment.

I’ve had to refocus a lot lately and remember it’s not about the stress or the details it’s about me and my partner committing to our love for however long are paths are entwined.

Love and light to all!

Having a PTSD Episode on the Job

So, beings as we live in Covid times, things in any form of social work are fast paced, stressful, and frustrating. Sometimes it can get the better of your colleagues and they yell. Sometimes it’s not colleagues but workers from other agencies.

For some people this is just a crummy workday and they move on, for me it’s a mental health problem waiting to happen.

I never cry at work or at least try very hard not to, but this week I’ve done a lot of crying, been frustrated, and generally tired. I know I’m in need of a break.

This time for me the yelling set off my PTSD. For me self- care is now a bigger priority. I took sometime in an office alone to cry it out and get my life together. I intend to go home, relax, shower, and take care of myself.

Salary- Did you know?

Hello readers. I learned something new today. There is a federal law protecting employees which allows them to discuss their salary. It also prohibits salary/pay from being confidential information. This is information for US based social workers. Consult your local laws and ordinances because there may be other protections as well!

I myself will be looking up this policy in further detail and will report back!

Be Good to Yourself

If you are anything like me right now you feel tiny in a big world with a lot of problems. Just remember to take time for yourself. Make sure you sleep, eat, drink water, get love and attention from those closest to you. As a social worker you can help someone if you are burnt out.

Lots of love to my readers