Some Challenges

Hello All,

I know it has been a while since I have checked in, November has been a tough month for me and I will be back to making regular content in early December.

For now know that our dear Stormy has passed away suddenly. I checked on her one night before sitting down for a movie, then when the movie was finished she was severely ill and we could not do anything but take her to the emergency vet to be humanely euthanized to end her suffering.

A few days later Severus became very ill. My husband had to take a shift off work to rush him to the vet where they put him in for emergency surgery and admitted him into their ICU level care for the weekend. He has not been the same since he came home on Monday. He has been aggressive, insecure, and is hiding under the bed when he is not harassing Gremlin. We are trying to give him space, love, Feliway pheromones in the house, his medications, and patience. It is tough but we are doing our best for him.

With that being said I will be taking a break from posting until mid December.