Student Loans Saga Continues

I am glad to hear that the student loan suspension is being extended to May 1st. I just don’t think it is enough. We are about to get hit with a fifth wave of COVID. Many of us thought Delta was bad then things would cool off. When the vaccine became available we thought that would help things cool off. The goal posts keep moving and we are all burnt out.

That being said economic recovery cannot be prioritized over the preservation of health and human life. I would rather we extend forgiveness to all loans, including parent plus loans to invigorate our economy and empower our economic recover than push people to over work and potentially go back to spreading COVID. As a health worker I am tired, as a social worker I am exhausted, as I person I am beginning to burn out.

This should no longer be a party lines matter but a matter of how do we lift every person in our country out of poverty and help each individual achieve to their highest ability. I know it is a pipe dream but I have some hope.

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