Toxic Workplace an update

In other toxic workplace news, the colleague I have spent almost two years trying to avoid due to toxicity, bullying, harassment, and negativity is now housed in my cubicle farm, next to me. Things were alright the first month and a half but the past two weeks have been hard.

  1. As a large woman being told that I should stop drinking or eating what is on my desk, even if it something I picked up to take home to my husband.
  2. Being told I am just too fat to bother with dieting to just get wait loss surgery
  3. Being screamed at about cases that don’t involve me
  4. The person they trained who has a graduate degree in social work and an undergrad degree in psychology asking me “What is an ethics?”
  5. Having them go to my supervisor who then attacks me over text because I would not bow down to their bullying

I am tired ya’all. I am doing my best. In health care we are entering the fifth wave of COVID. It isnt pretty, it will not calm down until March or April. I do not want a sixth wave. Please get vaccinated, if you are due for your booster get it, stay home if you can. Just please help us get through this once and for all.

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