Small Wins- A bonus Post

This is my make up post for missing 10/20, I fully intent to have 31 posts by the end of Blogtober!

I have been advocating, and self-caring my brains out lately. I have negotiated and pleaded with doctors and medical/prescription insurances. After almost four weeks on phentermine I have lost 12 pounds. This is a huge win for me. I have been 325-3335 pounds since 2015 when thy thyroid started under producing hormones. The year before I was 233 pounds, so one little thing, left undiagnosed caused me to gain 100 pounds.

While I have not been able to notice the difference in the mirror, my pants are a little loose in the thigh area, and my shirts fit a little better. It is my hope this keeps working and I am down to a safe weight soon.

I will keep everyone posted on my Journey!

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