An Agonizing Decision

If you all remember almost a year ago John and I picked up two Guinea Pigs, Bellatrix and Elvira, after Whiskey passed away. Their home was less than ideal. They were bathed in perfume=y shampoo which is bad for sensitive guinea pig lungs. I tend to treat my guinea pigs like one would an asthmatic child, no extra smells, and no dust particles if possible.

We brought them home, bathed them in sent free shampoo to get rid of the smell, trimmed their over grown nails, and loved them as much as we can. They are still not fans of people all the time. Sometimes they run away and make agitated noises, but they do let us give them cuddles several times a week.

Four weeks ago the women who sold us these two babies contacted me. Apparently she is now allergic to all guinea pigs, not just the long hair guinea pigs. She said that since we have taken such good care of Bella and Ellie that she would like us to take her other two guinea pigs. My gut was screaming no, but my heart feels so bad for these little ones. Then she said they were five years old. Guinea pigs only live 5-7 and at five years old they become labeled as seniors and need special care.

in the hopes of transparency I told my partner. Who immediately said no, then I told him how old they were. Which turned into how soon can we get them. I lost it, I don’t know if we can do this. It is so much responsibility. We are getting married in under two months. I relented after he explained that those sesniors need our love and they won’t be with us long. I pushed off meeting the woman to pick them up until this weekend. But as of tomorrow we will have two more little ones.

I will get pictures and details to you all once they settle in.

Love and Light,


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