Lunch Habits and Burn out

These are my top three DON’T do this habits to avoid during your lunch break.

1. Skipping lunch- there are a lot of work cultures that emphasize skipping lunch breaks in order to leave early. I’ve noticed I stay longer when I skip lunch. Without fuel my brain is fuzzy and sluggish. I get hangry. I feel sick when I get home which throws off my eating and sleep cycle. Do yourself a favor and take even fifteen minutes for lunch. You are worth it!

2. Eating at your desk- you will be tempted to continue doing work while eating. This means you are not fully present with your lunch or your work. Therefore neither is getting done well. Being distracted while eating can cause over eating, or other side effects from a lack of mindfulness. Eating can be grounding, sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch are all activated while eating.

3. Scheduling through your lunch break- I know you said you would eat later, or that you will eat while charting. However, fires will come up that need to be put out, sugar crashes can happen, and it’s not a good habit to get into. Do yourself a favor and block out your lunch.

Also block out reminders to drink water, go to the bathroom, and other bodily functions. We are not robots and we work better when our basic human needs are met.

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