Medical Gaslighting

Today’s post is about medical gaslighting, specifically of women and people that are overweight/obese. I am one of these people and I have been medically gaslighted for three years now. I have a condition called PCOS. Many physicians like to start people with my condition on metformin. My body does not agree with metformin. The first time I was prescribed it I took it for 2.5 to three weeks. I had four UTI’s. My primary care and OBGYN did not believe it was metformin related. I knew that was my only change in recent weeks.

I took myself off the medication even though the PCP said she would not support this decision and like magic the UTI’s went away.

I had an endocrinology appointment over the summer, where the endocrinologist did not believe me prescribed metformin and refused to look into alternatives because “this is a cheap medication” and “almost all insurances cover it so it won’t need a prior auth”. So I left that office and will not return.

I went to a second endocrinologist who started me on phentermine for weight loss. After having some labs, where my sugar was in normal rage, she said it was high and started me on metformin. My first issue with this is that she outright said she did not believe that metformin causes UTI’s. My second issue is she did not believe the scientific laboratory evidence that my sugar is not elevated. I started the medications praying this time would be different but knowing it would not, but it would prove a point.

I took the medication for two days and I am already having increased urination, bloody urine, lower abdominal pain, back pain, and a fever. Hello UTI, my old friend. I did not want your visit. Especially under a month prior to my wedding.

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