I herd that!- Guinea Pigs and Self-Care

The benefits of owning a herd of guinea pigs are numerous. Guinea pigs are like owning mini-puppies. They live in a cage all day and need food, water, attention, and love just like puppies. They have adorable little personalities. For example my little one Iris has such a little attitude, she flips her bowl when she is hungry, she gives adorable tribbling noises as soon as you pick her up, and she loves to cuddle when she isn’t on a mission to visit the other guinea pigs. Guinea pigs are social animals, they love their people and should be kept in groups of two or more. They need a bit of space! We have two large rabbit hutches and a wabbitat to hold the 12 piggy heard. 

There are five pigs in each hut and two pigs in the wabbitat. We will be building an extension to connect the two huts soon! The little ones need more social interaction with each other and I would like to give them more room to play. 

Guinea pigs are also great to help you get motivated to self care. Since they need spot cleaning, weekly full cleanings, food, and water checked daily they help motivate their owners to get up and move around. Once you’re in motion watch what you can accomplish!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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