Learning Resources

Hello All,

I wanted to take a step back for a minute. I talk about self care, reading, life, love, and being a social worker AKA mental health professional a lot. However, I wanted to take a minute and list out some good resources for people who want to know more about the profession before deciding if it is right for them.

  1. NASW SMART Brief emails- These emails include current articles, advancements, and though provoking discussions about current events and the cutting edge of social work. While I wish NASW has more than 2 part time workers in my area I cannot argue with this resource.
  2. The New Social worker- https://www.socialworker.com/ – They feature articles, a news letter, and many resources for those thinking about getting started
  3. The Social Work Tutor- They have both a podcast and a facebook group that brings social workers from around the globe together to discuss, complain, commiserate, and act as a think tank
  4. Professors and People already in the field- These persons live the life, have the education,, resources, and experiences to give you a taste of the social work world. I personally feel this is an untapped resource. My supervisor, mentor, and friend encouraged me to speak with a drama therapist, a play therapist, a trauma infored hypnotist, and other professionals in my area to really dive deep into my profession. I cannot tell you how much these 45-60 minute meetings contributed to who I am as a clinician today. It fed my appetite for learning, gave me perspective, and at the end of the day gave me hope that even though I was a graduate student then there was a whole life after that world.

Let me know if you would like information on more resources loves!