Magical Hopathon Book Reviews

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  1. Spy X Family volume 7 by Tatsuyo Endo *****
    Reviewed under the Mythothon post
  2. The Rogue King by Abigail Owen *****
    A huge shout out to Leila for recommending this series! The Rogue King follows 1 of four Phoenix women and their quest to find safety in a society of dragons at war with each other, and who look to use the power of the phoenix each generation. The action, tension, mating, and war in this book made for a great page turner.
  3. Ancient Magus’ Bride Volume 9 by Kore Yamazaki *****
    Reviewed under Mythothon post
  4. Ancient Magus’ Bride Volume 10 by Kore Yamazaki *****
    Volume 10 starts the second story arc for Chise and Elias, while some things have improved for them, they are still learning how to navigate their relationship. This installment introduces us the the Academy Elias will be teaching at and Chise will be auditing classes. Many new characters are introduced which at times is confusing, but it is worth it for the new perspective.
  5. All The Wrong Questions by Lemony Snicket ***
    I have not read a book from Lemony Snicket in a while, so it took a few chapters to re-introduce myself to his writing style. The mystery is intriguing, but what is more intriguing is when will the VFD make their appearance in this series?
  6. Ancient Magus’ Bride Volume 11 by Kore Yamazaki *****
    The second installment in the academia arc is more intense, we see some of the new series regulars appear again. there is a mystery afoot, but who is the villain and who will be the main protagonist? Chise or Elias.
  7. To Right the Wrongs by Sheryl Scarborough
    This sequel feels like it heads off to a bumpy start. The happily ever after from book 1 is more angsty and realistic relationship drama for high schoolers. The book wraps up on a high point, with found family and love.

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