Mythothon Reviews- Egyptian Mythology

Prompts: Isis

  1. Ancient Magus’ Bride Volume 9 by Kore Yamazaki *****
    Chise and Elias mend their relationship in this installment, and this book wraps up the end of the first story arc.
  2. Who I was with her by Nita Tyndall *****
    The book was difficult to get into at first, I felt that as the reader I was dumped into the middle of a story line and I felt lost. However, after reading further I really felt engaged in the story and the struggles of the main character. It was great to have a LGBTQ protagonist in a young adult book that really discusses coming out, grief, and change.
  3. Found: Read a book you have been anticipating SPY X FAMILY Volume 7 by Tatsuyo Endo *****
    I have been waiting for this volume to come out since I binge read volumes 1-6 earlier this year. I love Anya her pup and all of the mystery and drama/comedy. I look forward to Volume 8!
  4. Broken Wings “Episode” 15 of Loyal to Monsters by Emma Dean *****
    After reading the For Fox Sake books by Emma Dean I have become super invested in the world building and characters she has set up. I love the webtoon episode set up for these characters. The Angel and Hunter romance burns hot throughout the episodes.
  5. High School DXD Volume 6 by Ichiei Ishibumi *****
    Another light novel volume I have been looking forward to reading. This installment follows Rias Gremory and the Demon pawns she created dealing with a plot to overthrow the tense peace that was found in the last book.

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