My Favorite Pet Youtubers

  1. Victoria Raechel-
    Victoria makes a lot of video’s on hamster care which are great for all pet owner’s. Most comercial hamster cages, food, and enrichment are inappropriate at best and dangerous at worst. The internet, has really helped keep Gumball healthy and happy!
  2. Munchie’s Place-
    Munchie’s Place is a rescue and animal advocate based in the US. These videos have also helped me keep Gumball happy and healthy.
  3. ErinsAnimals-
    Erin is a huge pet lover! The budget friendly ideas, shipping haul’s, creative work, and How to’s inspire me to do better for all my animals.
  4. Saskia from Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue-
    There is a little bit of everything guinea pig related on Saskia’s channel from health, husbandry, the reality of owning a guinea pig, and more. When I have a sick Guinea Pig I go to her channel when I cannot get into the vet immediately for routine care issues. (I then follow up with my local exotic vet) These have kept my littles comfortable, and have even taught my husband some good care tips.

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