2022 Goals

  1. Blog more consistently- I have found myself under water a few times in the past year between work, planning a wedding, my honeymoon, and licensure renewal. This year may not be any less hectic, but I hope to prioritize my personal work.
  2. Self-Care- This is a rolling goal for me. I often get so wrapped up in the here and now that I forget I cannot function with the proverbial “check- engine” light on. We are rolling around to almost two years in a pandemic, in my opinion we all need a bit more self care to make it through to the other side.
  3. Take time off- This may fall alongside doing self care, but I will continue to schedule intermittent time off throughout the year. My job has asked that everyone return their leave time until the pandemic waxes some, but after having lived this for two years I do not seeing the situation changing drastically for a while. Therefore I will continue to use my leave balances as I cannot pour from an empty cup.
  4. Make progress toward my clinical licensure- This one is not completely in my hands, the main thing holding me up is supervision hours which is something provided through my agency. We are supposed to received 1 hour per week, with 52 weeks in a year minus 2 weeks vacation I should average 50 hours a year. Last year I received 25 hours. However, I will continue to advocate for myself as that is my only way forward.

At the end of the year I hope to have accomplished taking care of myself and becoming a better person, the rest will be an added bonus. What are your goals?

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