A Tribute to Gumball

By the time this post goes live, my beloved Gumball will be over the rainbow bridge. She was bleeding from her vaginal/rectal area on Friday evening and was rushed to the vet early Saturday morning, our veterinarian could only see her if she came in before opening. So my husband drove and translated sleepy mumbled to the vet when we got there. We initially thought it was a UTI.

However, after treatment Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, she has gone down hill. She is currently constantly trembling, continues to bleed, shows sign of pain, and losing her balance. She has also stopped eating. We made the hard choice to schedule her to be humanely euthanized before she suffers more. She has reached the ripe old age of 20 months old, if we counted in human years she would be about 80 years old.

Gumball came to us for free from a chain pet store. When my husband and I were first dating we discussed childhood experiences we had and things we wished we could have done. I have always wanted a hamster, I asked for years and my parents would not let me have one. My mom had a bad experience with guinea pigs and hamsters as a child and would not allow one in her home.

John worked part time boarding on full time at a big box pet store. One of the russian dwarfs was sexed incorrectly and a male and a female were in a pair. The female ended up having babies. Since they were not in the system as sellable creatures, and were potentially inbred, all 6 were put up for adoption. Gumball who was given to us as a boy, never seemed like the anatomy matched for a boy. When she saw the vet for the first time it was confirmed our hamster was in fact a girl. I was happy I had given her an androgynous name based on her personality and shape.

I have spent the past almost two years trying to enrich her life, from etsy bought food, to toys, furniture, hides, changing the cage lay out, toys, and snacks. I tried to make sure gumball was well cared for and felt she was loved. I do hope we made her tiny life bright.

I love you my little one. Good night, and enjoy your siblings when you go over the rainbow bridge.

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