Self care through emergency planning

I am an anxious person, so sometimes my self care is completed through pre-planning. Two of the things that make my anxiety a little less intense is having everything I may need for a potential pet emergency. So I am going to give you a look into my emergency kits.


  • Nail Trimmers
  • Styptic powder
  • Chicken, turkey, or beef baby food
  • Probiotics
  • Cat formula
  • Sensitive digest cat food
  • Plain rice
  • Frozen ground meat
  • frozen vegetable and seasoning free broth
  • Manuka Honey

Most of these items focus around the fact that I have a cat with pica, but all of these items could be useful in a pinch.

Guinea Pigs

  • Vegetable Baby food
  • Critical Care
  • Hydration powder
  • Nail trimmer
  • Hair Scissors
  • various syringes
  • heat pad
  • Cooling pad
  • brushes
  • Comb
  • towels


  • Frozen rosemary
  • nail clippers
  • various forms of protein rich snacks

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