Another Gus the Guinea Pig Update

*Update: Gus passed over the rainbow bridge on 12-13. We are sad for his loss. I want to continue to post his story for the purpose of education and love*

Hello All,

Gus is the senior guinea pig my hubby and I took in, he is a medical case as most seniors are, and with that we have been on another adventure with him this week.

He had stabilized after thanksgiving, but only for a few days. Since then he has been averaging a drop in weight of 10 grams or more a day. We had a follow up scheduled within a few days and kept him as stable as possible until his vet could see him. My husband did not know if we would have to make the decision of putting him down or not, he is always optimistic and the last to give up on an animal, therefore I knew it was bad when he was concerned.

The vet took a look at him, his teeth had already started to grow too much, and were bothering him, but not enough to cause all the weight loss he is experiencing. He has no infections, no potential tumors, and no other signs of illness. It could be age related failure to thrive, however, the vet wanted to get his teeth treated and his weight stabilized.

The head veterinarian was lovely enough to keep Gus fed and cared for overnight and performed his teeth trim first thing this morning. Gus got through the procedure well but is now being fed every four hours or so, pain medication nightly, and probiotics. We have started to mix safe baby food into his feeding to get more calories than just water in his food.

I will continue to keep everyone posted.

I loved every minute we had with you Gus. May you meet your fuzzy siblings over the rainbow bridge, have all the hay and treats you could hope for, and feel no pain. Good bye for now but I will see you some day my little one.

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