Chronic Illness Comfort Items

I have chronic illness, IBS-D, Hypothyroidism, PCOS, and something the doctors have yet to diagnose. I would not be a functional, wife, social worker, or person without some of my best self care items.

  1. Twinings Lemon ginger tea- I have enough of dependance on this to soothe my stomach that my husband dashed over to a shelf and said hey this is on sale, while we were on honeymoon. I also have a jar filled with just these tea bags. I recommend this tea for sore throats as well.
  2. Heat pad or heated blanket- Weather it is intestinal spasms from an ibs flare, a cold apartment, or cramps, I love having a heat pad around.
  3. Electrolyte fluids- Depending on what I am in the mood for I switch between gatorade, poweraid, liquid IV, or tactical hydration. I need to be careful in which I pick up, artificial sweeteners can make IBS worse and I am allergic to Stevia. These fluids often keep me hydrated and out of the hospital during bad flair ups.
  4. Protein Powder- Protein powder is a good on the go breakfast, or meal replacement when my stomach is acting funny. There is no way to help others without fuel in the tank.
  5. Protein bars- Another quick item for between meetings, clients, or when I cannot make a lunch break. I am worse off if I skip meals then if I put something in my stomach.

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