My husband and I chose to do a low key honey moon, it is winter, and neither of us wanted to leave the country until COVID is more well controlled and researched, so we scheduled 6 days and 5 nights in Gettysburg. I have been there many times with my family, but not in the past five years.

My plan was to do as much as we wanted without over expanding our social batteries. Our first day was pretty simple, stopping at a local candy and soda shop, checking out the new visitors center, and checking into our lodge.

The top of Little Round Top

These are some stock photos from pixaby as I did not want to post pictures where I captured random unsuspecting tourists.

Our Second day we took a bus tour of the battlefield with an experience tour guide. Our third day was spent in the visitors center with the cyclorama, movie, and museum. I realized how social work adjacent the history of the civil war is, and how important it is to learn from our past so we can learn to move forward as a country and dismantle systematic racism. It was at this point I realized how I had only seen people who looked like me, and I began to wonder why everyone is not able to benefit from our history. I suspect part of this is due to the visitors center being co run by a preservation organization in concert with the national parks service.

We spent the next several days eating local food, shopping local for christmas presents, playing board games, watching tv, and trying to soak up every minute of our first true vacation. It was cold, got dark very early, and we were in the middle of a small town but I would not trade it for a fancy honey moon.

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