Wedding in hindsight

Now that the wedding and all the stress is mostly in the rearview, I would like to chat about my experience. I love that I am married to my person now, I love him to bits. However, I feel like I lost some hair due to stress.

I tried to plan for every possible outcome and failure, and yet I was still late to my own wedding, about an hour I was supposed to be there at 430 or so but did not arrive until almost 530pm. The ceremony was supposed to start at 5pm, It could have been much worse, but my friend is a wonderful driver and got us there healthy and without panic attacks.

Once I arrived I had a moment of panic, am I really getting married right now? Is this the best decision given my student loans? However, I took a deep breath, thought about all the things I love in my partner, and marched down the aisle(not sure it looked like a march given the fact that I do not regularly wear heels and twisted my ankle the day before, but details).

I lost my vows, the rings were left in my bag, and part of the wedding party was super late, but at the end of the day I did my best with my vows, cried, and married my person. After the wedding was over I felt so many things, relief, joy, frustration, over tiredness, and social anxiety. I needed to take a minute to just be with my husband and breath. I highly recommend taking fifteen minutes for just you and your partner to process and be in love before taking photos.

The reception was beyond words! The food was perfect, the chef worked with all our dietary restrictions and allergies. The decor was romantic and tasteful. It was heavenly, until my hubby tried to fall asleep in his dessert plate.

At the end pf the day I now have my husband and we may just be more obnoxiously in love. Coming next is our honeymoon!

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