Social Work Licensing Renewal

Hello Dear Readers!

This year was my licensing renewal year, which I was hoping to avoid and instead obtain my independant licensure. However that was not meant to be right now.

In renewing my license I realized I could provide some tips for easy renewal

  1. Make sure your computer or laptop has good power and internet access
  2. Make sure you organize your certificates into piles. For me, I sort by what is considered an in person credit, a not in person credit, and ethics.
  3. Always have a few extra CEU’s- This year I was in a time crunch so I only had 1.5 extra I can prove. I have a bad habit of taking extra CEU’s then forgetting to download the certificate of attendance. I typically try to have 5 extra hours. I am mildly terrified of being audited, even though I have done my work.
  4. Have something to drink near by- the process can take time and I recommend being hydrated

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