Black Cat Appreciation

*Bonus Post since I missed posting yesterday*

My Black cat appreciation post is a day late. Sorry there was a power outage in my area, so my laptop was not charged. When I saw the first picture of Severus I knew I wanted him to come home with me! He was so young that I did not know if he was a boy or a girl so i picked the name Morgana for a girl and Severus for a boy. I totally missed the chance to call him Salem. He is such a goofy, dramatic soul that reminds me of Salem from the Sabrina the Teenage Witch Sitcom.

I love you little one even if you love dad more!

Severus- “What do you want mom, I am waiting for dad to come back and snuggle me.”

Severus- “Totally ignoring you now you don’t have treats”

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