Spooky Season Bucket List

I’m not sure if a spooky season bucket list is a thing but I’ve now made it a thing!

1. Masked ball- My prom was masquerade “themed” but there were no masks. I have always wanted to go to a masked ball. The ball gowns, lights, decor, Venetian masks. I’m all about the vampire aesthetic at these things!

2. Trick or Treating- my parents didn’t let me trick or treat after first grade. Every year they came up with reasons for why I had been “bad” so I could not go. The real reason came out later that my mom didn’t want to pay for or take time to get make up and costumes. So she came up for perceived slights or “back talking” every year to ban me from it. Some day I hope to take my own kids trick or treating

3. Six flags- Six flags tends to have a horror themed October and I would love to go once COVID is gone

What is on your spooky bucket list?

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