Carpel tunnel flair up

Hello all,

I am having a carpel tunnel/ tendinitis flair up in my dominant hand. So today I am going to talk about what I do for self care during a chronic illness flair up.

You are not at your best self when you are in pain. You may think you tolerate pain well but I’m willing to bet that if you asked those you live or work with they would say you are not your normal self. You may be grumpy, sad, non communicative, or withdrawn.

For me I get pretty grouchy with this illness since everything from my right shoulder to my finger tips is in pain. I use Tylenol, a carpel tunnel brace, and a tens machine which takes the edge off. However, the pain is always there like an annoying pop up that won’t leave.

For me I know I can’t ignore the pain, I can’t help others if I can’t help myself. So I do what I can to manage the pain. I take time to ground between each client. I make sure I meet my bodies other needs food, water, bathroom, medications, affection from my partner, snuggles with my cats. Anything I can to boost my other life areas.

This can also mean taking a break from some responsibilities. Typing is painful so my blog posts or patient notes may be more concise than normal. I may ask my partner to open cans to feed the cats, chop things up for dinner, I ask for help.

When I first started having these flairs I would still do everything myself and put on a brave face but I know it doesn’t help.

What do you do to care for your chronic ailments?

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