Self- Care- Medications Edition

Hello All,

A really important topic to me is using your prescribed medications, including mental health medications. I have heard many times you are too young to be on medications, or “In my day young people did not get medications.” At work I often hear that people on more than two medications are “risky” for the hospital.

There is a lot of stigma there to unpack at a later date, but I wanted to say that self advocacy for your health is one of the most caring things you can do for your mind and body. I personally have a bag full of medications that looks as large as some of my 70-80 year old patients. However, being born premature, with bad genetics, and a hormonal disorder will challenge your body.

I stopped taking my stomach and other health medications in middle and high school because my parents bullied me into thinking I was too young to need the medications I was on, including allergy medications, acid reflux medications, PCOS medications, and migraine medications.

Since college I have learned to ignore the negativity and advocate for my own health. If I do not, no one will. The medications help me function better on a daily basis and become sick less often with other major illnesses.

If your body does not do what it should naturally, from producing serotonin to controlling your glucose, then medical professional prescribed alternatives are okay. If you do not take care of yourself how can you take care of others?

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