Self- Care on a Budget

I like to involve my five senses in my self-care items, so I am going to give some ideas based on things you may have at home. Self-care should be regular, but it should not break the bank. 

Sight- I keep posters, art work, and other items in my home to bring me joy and comfort. Something as simple as a Minions poster from 5 and below will at least give me a smile. Other items you may have include a mini fountain, frigerated magnets, prints of your favorite video game or TV show character. Heck I don’t care if it a Scooby poster on your wall. Just something pleasant to look at. 

Sound- For those who do not have internet a cheap clock radio to your favorite station, CD, or cassette player could be a go to for sound. Goodwill and other second hand stores often have cheap CD’s, cassettes, and CD/cassette players if you do not have one. 

For those who have internet, you tube, pandora, spotify are all great resources for your favorite music or a free meditation. 

Taste- For this I recommend having some of your favorite treats around the house. My go to are Flipz Milk Chocolate Pretzels but anything from an orange to a pack of come will do. 

Scent- Scent can be as simple as breaking open an orange, an oil diffuser, some glade spray, essential oils, perfume, anything that smells nice to you. If you enjoy vanilla you can put some in boiling water and breath in the scent. 

Touch- A soft blanket, stuffed animal, or a warm shower can fulfill touch. If you have someone you trust, or a pet. Some cuddling, hugs, or lap pet time could be in order. 

Bonus- Bath bombs can be used for scents, the water for touch, and if they are colorful for sight. Cuddling a cat could be touch, sight, and sound if they are purring. There are also tons of free apps that have soothing sounds. 

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