5 Items Every Social Work Desk Needs

1.            A calendar- I am partial to the large desk calendars for brief overviews of appointment reminders, using initials or some code to denote who the appointment is with without their name. I also track meetings, supervision, CEU’s and a general overview of my month. This typically corresponds with my Outlook or Google calendar but it’s a quick peak before I turn on my PC and acts as a back up if the power goes out, the internet is down, or if there is a cyber attack

2.            Phone Charger- This may seem odd but I never go to work without a phone charger. In these times you always want to have a fully charged phone for safety. Anything from being in the field and getting a flat tire to an active shooter scenario where you need to get alerts makes a fully charged phone invaluable.

3.            Water bottle- I keep a water tumbler with a lid and straw but any kind of cup, bottle, tumbler, ect with a lid will do. You want to stay hydrated and protect your electronics by keeping a lid on your liquid!

4.            Bandaids- I recommend a full first aid kit but if you need to stick to the minimum, band aids is the number one priority. Anything from a broken nail, ripped cuticle, papercut, blister from those new work shoes, can be covered up and made more comfortable by a band aid. If you really want to provide some self-care with it get some cool colors, Star Wars, or other fun kinds! Personally, I keep a box of Lion Guard Band Aids.

5.            A self care item for destressing- I keep a stress ball or teo at my desk but any object that helps you destress will do. Fidgets, stress balls, magnetic objects, or a suduko puzzle will do.

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