Breast Cancer Testing

I myself had a breast cancer scare right after finishing graduate school. I did not find a lump during my self exams, but when I went for my yearly check two lumps were found. I was scared but I was determined to get to the bottom of what was happening.

I engaged my small support network and started making appointments. My first stop was an ultrasound which was inconclusive, but they recommended me for further testing. My next stop was going for an MRI, I highly recommend asking what the highest should width that is accommodated in the MRI. The first tech I worked with tried to jam me into too small of a machine. Luckily, I was able to get a same day walk in with a larger machine on the same hospital campus. This test came up clear as far as the lump went but I was recommended for a follow-up MRI.

I never did get that follow up. The male doctor, wanted me to get the MRI during a certain part of my cycle, normally this wouldn’t be an issue and I would have done as I was told. However, with my IUD I do not get a regular cycle. I spot randomly and do not have a full period. The doctor and secretary both asked why I could not figure out my own cycle and did not understand why my IUD was an issue. They told me I could not get the follow up until I figured out when day 14 of my cycle was. My IUD is still in and the lumps have not grown so, I will be waiting until my IUD is removed before I obtained an MRI.

Moral of the story, advocate for yourself, use your supports, and cry if you need to cry.

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