October- Breast Cancer Awareness

This is a topic near to my heart, my maternal grandmother died when I was 11 months old from metastatic breast cancer. A fate that could have been avoided had she had an advocate or more support. You see the doctors never stopped to check and see if she was on board with the treatment plan or understood what was happening. She was partially deaf as was my grandfather, so a lot of her options were lost in translation.

My mom-mom is one of the many reasons I advocate for making sure patient’s understand what doctors are doing and what their options are when it comes to any treatment plan. She is also the reason why I will always support breast cancer research.

My one hang up with breast cancer awareness in America is our rhetoric. A lot of it is about save the boobies, save the tata’s, save the fill in the blank word for breasts. When I really feel like it should advocate for yearly exams, monthly self exams, and support of the woman not just her body parts.

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