Rosario Vampire and DID

One of the few somewhat accurate representations of DID or the relationship of a protector alternate personality is found in the Anime Rosario Vampire. Moka- represented with pink hair and Inner Moka represented with silver/ white hair is one of the best parallels I can find to explain a personality split causing a protector.

Inner Moka is formed when a ceremony is performed to suppress some of the powers Moka as a whole has access to. This is a parallel to ritual abuse sometimes sited as a precursor to DID forming in young children. After the ritual was performed the Outer Moka, a sweet loving bubbly woman is the fronting alter. When the magical suppression is removed Inner Moka is able to take over. Inner Mocha is protective of Outer Moka who can seem naive. Inner Moka can be cold, calculating, and rigid. Inner Moka keeps Outer Moka safe while keeping threats at bay and people at a distance.

With the anime discontinued, one is led to wonder what plot points were missed. A potential merge, other fragments, or even looking at what Moka could have been like without the ritual.

What are your thoughts readers?

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