I peaked in middle school

No joke, the easiest time I had learning and being creative was sixth, seventh, and with grade. I had teachers that encouraged me to go to the older grades to borrow books that would challenge me, these teachers also knew how to handle my personality disordered parents.

Then I went to high school, my freshman English teacher, my freshman algebra teacher, my freshman Spanish teacher, and my world history teacher were very supportive of me.

They gave me challenging work that other “gifted” students also took so I wasn’t isolated, they stood up for me when a student was harassing me, and they gave me a bunch of support when I was out with mono for over a month.

However, when I hit college I found out how “normal” and un-gifted I was. I did not know how to study, take good notes, memorize information for pop quizzes, or how to make good boundaries with new people. I had barely been allowed to go to the corner store to pick up a gallon of milk with my sister, let alone what to do with unwanted romantic attention.

I am better with people now, and I learned how to cope as an adult but it was a rough couple of years.

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