Favorite vegan Treats

Sometimes I eat vegan treats so I can avoid eggs. I am allergic to egg yolks and keeping my stomach happy and my hives at bay is important.

  1. The Coconut Collaborative Chocolate Lava cake- This lava cake has all of the rich chocolate goodness of a normal lava cake but without the egg yolks needed to make the inner “custard” texture in non- vegan recipes
  2. Peach bobo Bars- They are a delicious breakfast bar or quick snack. The sweetness of the fruit is great for curbing my sweet tooth and the oats are very filling.
  3. Bear Fruit Rolls- corn free and another sweet option for me!

Bonus- Vegan Mayo- Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo is my favorite brand but there are often supply issues so I find myself with other brands more often than not.

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