Top 3 Guilty Pleasures

  1. Harry Potter fan fiction- I love how creative and supportive this community is. The character development and talent of these writers is stellar. The representation of minorities, curvy girls, LGBTQIA folks, Kink, and other often ignored groups is wonderful. For example I have rarely been able to find a book featuring a woman with multiple husbands but there are several available in the fan fiction world
  2. Candles- growing up a lot of candles gave me headaches because of my allergies and sensitivity to scents that are too strong. Once I reached graduate school and started taking my self-care more seriously I really grew to love candles. My favorite is the scent London Fog which unfortunately was discontinues, but the Glade Gingerbread is a close second.
  3. True Crime Podcasts- I like true crime podcasts because of them discuss scientific advancements in forensics, how people work, and advocate for victims of crimes. I do not like that these crimes happen, but I feel like the spotlight on motivation, public health, justice, or lack of justice, along with science is a great thing. It is unfortunate that some pod casts glorify crimes, stigmatize mental health, and the issues with plagiarism. I try and avoid the more… dramatic hosts.

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