Bisexuality Visibility Day

At one point in my life I identified as bisexual, I now identify as pansexual but there is a bit of story time behind this. Many people, including those in the LGBTQIA community believe in bi sexuality erasure. I’ve met my fair share of them in college when I was learning to embrace my identity.

Many people shamed me for being bisexual saying u was erasing trans folx and that I was transphobic.

I had one ex tell me I just didn’t know who I was and I needed to choose, ironic to me because they were also bisexual.

I had to make a choice, which was hard, to avoid the Allies/LGBTQIA groups on campus because people bisexual was a taboo, or it was fetishized. It depended on what social circle I was in.

There is also the myth that bisexual people are not faithful or need to be polyamorous. This is simply not true, monogamy/polyamory is a different discussion than who a person is romantically/sexually attracted to.

In the end I decided pan fit be better due to the prefix pan meaning all. Since my care/attraction to someone is based on intellect, emotions, ect and not based on the social construct of gender or what is in someone’s pants.

To all my bi friends and readers I see you and I am here for you.

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