The Novice Path Orilium Reading List

Novice Path Entrance– Read a Book with a Map- Raven’s Shadow by Patricia Briggs

Patricia Briggs is my favor werewolf romance write, and Raven’s Shadow has been on my TBR for a while. I figured now was a great time to bust it out.

Ashthorn Tree– Read a book that is tempting to you- Six of Crows by Leigh Bsrbugo 

Leila recommended this book for over a year. I finally took the advice and had the book delivered. I will be reading it this month!

The Mist of SolitudeRead a standalone- To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

This is another one of those books that I have tried to pick up a few times, but life has gotten too busy. I really hope to finish this book!

Ruin of the Skye– Read a book featuring ghosts/haunted house/ other supernatural elements- Goosebumps Ghost Beach by R.L. Stine 

This book is one of the dozen Goosebumps books I let my fiance keep out, the rest of the books went into storage until the first set is read through. I do not know anything about the book besides the title, and that it is part of the Goosebumps collection.

Obsidian Falls– Read a thriller or Mystery book- To Right The Wrongs by Sheryl Scarborough

This is one of my most anticipated reads for the months, To Catch a Killer really pulled me in so I have high hopes for To Right the Wrongs. Plus the cliffhanger of the main characters paternaty made me want to dive right in!

Tower of Rumination– Read a five star prediction-  The Brat by Lynsay Sands 

I have had this book on my shelf for over two years. I love how Lynsay Sands has written the Highlander romance books so I have five star hopes for this read.

Orilium Academy– Read a book with a school setting- Vampire Knight VOL 3 by Matsuri Hino 

I am reading the next book in the Vampire Knight Manga. I re-read volume 1 for a readathon and volume 2 was also read for a readathon. I was holding onto volume 3 for a “special occasion” since volume 4 is on back order, but it is a great Academy/ School based manga, perfect for a prompt like this one!

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