Breaking Down a Research Article Part 2

Below is an example of how to start breaking down an article!

Key information: 

  1. Title- Dissociation debates: everything you know is wrong
  2. Arthur(s)-  Richard Loewenstein, MD
  3. Publication- Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience
  4. Publication date – September 2018
  5. DOI- 10.31887
  6. Page numbers/ volume numbers 20(3) p 229-242

Synthesizing information: 

  1. Is this source reliable/ respected? 
    1. The paper is written by a Medical Doctor with an MD license.
    2. The writer works at the Trauma Disorder Program at Sheppard Pratt. This program is one of two well known treatment centers for those with a DID diagnosis, the other program being WIT in Florida. 
    3. The writer is also associated with the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Medicine, a well know school known to have good research funding on the same campus as the University of Maryland Medical Center  

Without a full read so far this looks like a reliable, informed source in an academic peer reviewed journal. 

  1. APA citation 

Loewenstein, R. J. (2018). Dissociation debates: Everything you know is wrong. Controversies in Psychiatry, 20(3), 229–242.

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